What is Larry?

Pocketed double input method input method is a professional,It worked to make the user experience the pleasure double input, and also both spelled all the advantages--such as mass lexicon。

For double recognition,You should no longer stay in the words between the coincident code rate of spelling and five this concept,Larry is stylish、Line with the instincts of a Chinese pronunciation input method。


To introduce double,We are starting from your most familiar spelling。Need to know,Such symbols abcd did not originate in China,natural,China did not start so similar English phonetic spelling。later,In order to develop Mandarin,Before you came up with such a set from kindergarten began to learn Pinyin。

With this program 26 English letter combinations,English-like phonetic,Use them to give Chinese phonetic,Greatly reducing the threshold for learning Chinese。

Later, the computer appears,Chinese input into a troublesome thing。

After all, more complex English,Also made 26 Basic English alphabet can be represented,The Chinese are "Qiguaibaguai" difficult to enter,This time in full in English on the computer,For Chinese people,,In addition to entering English,Also the rest of the alphabet。

Of course,After all, Chinese is ideographic characters,Pinyin playing out content,Most have looked guess (you see,This time it has been reflected in a re-rate problem Pinyin),Later, someone designed a program,The common word is split into radicals,Then according to certain rules to map them to the keyboard keys - Wubi was born。

Actually,For the people of that era,Learning to use Wubi Pinyin came too far - not that re-rate problem,But most people do not actually pinyin (phonetic actually appear not you think early)。But Wubi need to map the keys too many friends,Recite its root is a major threshold,Here we do not get to the bottom,Later, based on Pinyin input method finally born,This is the spelling。

Pinyin input is then used to layman,Because it entered too long,Met with some zhangchang Even zhuang So that pronounce a word is enough strenuous fight not miss it - it is too high weight code,You hit zhuang ,It is "loaded"? Or "hit"? Or "village"??

In order to improve efficiency,A small number of people started to move from the brain,Is not there any way to type faster yet?

Turning point

This part of us roughly dividing them into two waves (in fact, there go the other route we skip the talk),Some people committed to enhancing wisdom Pinyin input method,To let you enter the content safely more accurate,Rely on a strong Thesaurus,Sogou input method appears,With powerful thesaurus that the use of the same phonetic Wubi seconds off the most - important thing is that it does not require any additional cost of learning!

To others,The thought of keystrokes on a simplified frequency,Is there any way in computer science input Chinese? (Wubi is undoubtedly science,This no doubt,But the learning cost is too high)

Pinyin is based on the English alphabet,In fact, you enter Pinyin,Fight is word sound,So why not put the initials and finals separate it? English phonetic vowels and consonants also divide,If we separate the consonants and vowels,So any pronunciation of the word can be used to represent the two parts!

This is the prototype of a semi-detached。Thankfully,Initials are basically a single letter,It requires two three-letter,And not many finals,There can be placed in the finals will not conflict with a key position,Users need additional memory keys will dozen spelling of input so that the relatively heavy at the same rate and input words of view,Larry obviously to significantly reduce the number of keystrokes;in other words,The same number of keystrokes,You can enter the amount in exchange for almost twice as much!

Larry programs

Since the letter keys on the keyboard as much as 26,In the end which mapping to whoever diverged,A variety of design time contending,We call these keys mapping program called Larry,Over time,Ebb Tide,Eventually leaving a small number of generally accepted Larry programs,For example, the natural code Shuangpin、Larry pinyinjiajia、Microsoft 2003 Double、Violet pinyin ABC Larry and intelligent Larry programs such。

Extended barcode

Larry programs mentioned above,Some are easy to use because,Scientific keys layout;And some of it is because many people use,Generally accepted。of course,Larry these programs are certainly not satisfied with this designer,So some Shuangpin program on the basis of the alphabet on a similar increase in barcode Wubi input method,These are relatively simple barcode,But with Larry,Use it also to re-rate reduced a lot,Therefore, in accordance with a single re-rate terms,Something like that:


Spelling ———-Double Pinyin shape—-Wubi


but,Because of the large special code table design difficulty,Larry has so many simply left the keys are compatible with other input methods。The law for the first time off the cell entry in the iOS platform trying to achieve Larry code table input,So that you no longer have to point to open the drop-down menu to find Chinese characters。

Extended thesaurus

Now,Since there is no cost of learning spelling and Sogou input method oligarch efforts maker,Most people already know what that Larry。- It's no wonder,After all, Larry still at the stage of the code word is not heavy,And now the cloud has long been dominated by the thesaurus。Many spelling of input method is also compatible with Larry started,But only the spelling of the key mapping,No barcode。And many professional code table input method has not only a code table and thesaurus,Although the word is not re-code input refreshing,Speed ​​ratio can not really powerful vocabulary and sentence input。

In fact, neither Larry nor is it can not code table and Thesaurus,Larry also assisted in the thesaurus can be mounted using a stopwatch at the same time,Pocketed input committed to providing our users with professional Larry Larry code table input method but also the greatest extent possible for the users to enjoy the specialties Larry spelling Times。


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