Why VMware ESXi 5.5 on Windows 2003 client connection error?

Recently understand what virtualization,So, if you build a environment,During the installationvsphere clientWhen the connection to the server,Because other structures on hand before the rest of the environmentwin2003Virtual Machine,To save time I did not go to the new 2008 virtual machine,Result in the installation may prompt unsuccessful connection。

Results After installation is really successful!

Later found official explanation,Is such that:

vSphere 5.5 usesthe Open SSL library, which, for security, is configured to accept only connections thatuse strong cipher suites. On Windows XP or Windows Server 2003, the vSphere Clientand vSphere PowerCLI do not use strong cipher suites to connect with vCenter Server.

Direct understanding is 2003 and xp system has not reached the level ofvSphereThe required level of security,So I do not support the。In the full text of which also mentioned if you must use is not can not,You need to download a specific patch and modify some system configuration files,The specific process is too cumbersome and I did not see not recommend you use,Or directly on2008After all, it ......,,,03Too old ......

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