Let go pip Agent

When using python,Often you need to download some third-party framework,Fortunately, python has a similar apt package management tool,pip。

but,Although management packs can pip,But no source switching mirror,And we downloaded package,Most of the large foreign code hosting server,This often leads to a few hundred KB of package to download one hour。


Here we assume that,As a programmer you,Have been deployed to the computer HTTPS and HTTP proxy,We also said before,How to set the global proxy to the terminal over the wall to let brew update,But do not eat that pip,This time we will be individually set to pip wall。

I checked on the Internet,There is an option pip pip3,Be called

We use this direct command like,But this command requires each additional package when you download,For example, this:

This is too much trouble,edit ~/.bashrc file,Or if you use zsh,It is ~/.zshrc ,Add at the end alias pip3="pip3 --proxy" Such,Next time do not open the terminal after each input so long the Agent Options。


--Oh, right,Remember to port to port your own。

There is only supported Https Http proxy pip,Socks is not enough。?

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