How to learn the natural code secondary code?

Natural Code is a relatively old program of Larry,How old? Old now many users do not know that it is a set of secondary code scheme。

Natural code secondary code can not be called barcode,It is called the secondary code,Because this program is designed as an auxiliary or,So it can not be done as a very low rate of weight like calf auxiliary code - but with the sound of words,It is still very efficient use。

Why even so it also said it entered efficient? Because it is the beginning of the design to assist,Which directly determines this program is very easy to accept and learn! How simple? Is a radical of the alphabet initials Well!

For example,,You have to enter the "Program" is the word,When you enter "bm" when,Appears in the first column of the candidate is "edge",This time how to do it? Use Natural code and auxiliary code,The "Program" split "Si" and "flat",How the auxiliary code? Obviously "s",It stands for "silk" pronunciation,Obviously you do not need to remember once understood。

Direct palms auxiliary code input method is to use natural code and auxiliary code rules。

Examples of such words in accordance with the light is too cumbersome,Taking into account the income of poor natural code now already closed down for many years,You may not even a complete natural yard could not find the instruction manual,And the network is not even a complete natural code code table is also difficult to find,Here I will briefly explain the principles of natural split each text code。


In fact, it is a word called pictographs,Most of them will be more complex as other words Radicals,Taking into account the natural code by radicals as auxiliary code,You can not give the radical demolition of the radical nature,This will cause a paradox,In fact, it is natural that code provides for three basic strokes,But you should not use them,Stroke input method the strokes very early years on the phone,You may have used,You may never heard of。

Actually,Now on the iPhone still retained this input method,This input method is only five strokes "point downwards (downwards) fold",The basic advantage is not re-code,The disadvantage is that without heavy code is long enough for you to enter ......

Three strokes is a natural code 、 d 、 p。

  • In which a representative of all the cross 、 vertical 、 He Folds (Fold stroke is in the cross-fold、Vertical fold、Downwards, etc.);
  • Wherein d represents all points (including downwards,You know);
  • Wherein p represents everything apostrophe。

You see,With this rule,Our time corresponds to a simple word,On its pen input and can be stopped writing,According to this rule,Then the "horse" secondary code is the "cross off" is "aa","Gold" secondary code is the "horizontal skimming" is "pa"。

For auxiliary code,In fact, the secondary code is divided into single and dual auxiliary code - nothing more than to be more precise Bale,Under normal circumstances you do not need to use two auxiliary code,Because most likely the first auxiliary code letters already meet your needs。In short,Here are two examples of our complete auxiliary code,For convenience you understand the significance of the secondary code。

Hsing sheng character

The most common of these words,Most of the group of words are such words,They consist of two parts,Then part of the sound representation,It represents a part of the meaning of,For example, "want to",You see,Read it when you send a "phase" of sound,And it is understood that the "heart" means,Right? For this type of word,Their radical consonants is the auxiliary code。

Obviously,"I want to" radical is the "heart",The rest is "relative",So "think" secondary code is "xx";

Again an example,"Bag" radicals are "clothing",The remaining part of the "generation",Then the "bag" secondary code is "yd"。

Associative and turn ideogram

to be honest,And these words are the same as above Phonogram,It can be easily split into two parts,But the difference is that you might not immediately determine what part of it should be the word radical - "Si、apricot、Such as"。

You say "Swastika head" also,It was "the end of the word heart," also - in fact,,These words can be seen as inherently radical of two。So,At this moment,Demolition radical rules a bit depressed - in short,Here you do not tangle,According to intuition pick a line,So,"Thinking" there are two auxiliary code "tx" and "xt" - these are accepted。

The same "as" secondary code may be "nk",It may also be a "kn","Apricot" secondary code is "mk",It may also be "km"。

Synthesis of non-integral word

These words you tend to put them at a glance split into several parts,Or,Ripped out part is not commonly used in small print,This is more embarrassing - I do not know the word,To read how consonant it?

For these words,We use the first and last stroke to secondary code and widgets,Such as "record" is the word,It can be seen from a "Ji" and "water" component,Then the "Ji" is not most people can read out the,We then take its pen up "cross-fold",That is "a",Then the "record" secondary code is "au" the。

Another example is the "interpretation",It is not a radical, "m",The other half do not know Gesha,Then we can take "skimming" and "abundance",Its secondary code is "pf"。

"Mi" is three parts,Then take the radical and the end portion of the other two parts is the "dish",Is "ym"。

Radical hidden word

This part of the word is not easy to find the ones you a radical word,Then you can try a small part of the word clear,For example, "Eagle" is "gn",But it may be "n";

"Ying" may be "hy",It can also be "yh" - "Page" and "Wo" here does not distinguish between a very detailed avoid using them will confuse you - actually mixed to,You are not afraid of using the wrong。

Radical named

Then the word,We get to see in the end how radical named,Because different places for various reasons,For the radicals named differently,So naturally codes can only take one call widely named,But I believe you can always guess the other title,After all of these things remain the same。

  • day、month、Say、They are round mesh,So by o;
  • Rolling it was "next to the armrest" rather than "side handle" - but in fact, t is possible "next to mention the Earth" and will re-code;
  • Take left foot "pedestrian" means it is represented by x - in fact, "double side" are possible but will and "water" weight code;
  • Tou called "text head";
  • Xiangxi is not known as the "four-point bottom" and take the "fire" variant,It is h;

The actual use

Actually,In fact, due to the natural code until the closure of the year it did not disclose its code table,So now we use Natural code code table are based on the natural descendants of code to re-create the rules。This led to a stringent code encoding auxiliary code table based on the author's mood is different。

but,inR0uter Input Toolin,We still follow the "maximum possible",Basically, even if re-code,We will ensure that the first time you can out of this auxiliary code prevail rather than reduce weight code。In short,Due to the natural code studious handy,So guess more times is nothing difficult - after all,,A word will then split several law,You can code the difference between natural and designers how many to go?


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  1. Excuse me,Natural code and auxiliary code programs can Kotsuru Shuangpin program compatible? That I used to play basic word flyPY,Then choose the exact nature code。Thank you!

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