WordPress automatically add copyright text and text link

Blog post past few days has been grabbed someone else take,Though Contact Webmaster and communication to solve,But I still have to reflect on their own,The body of the article did not add article link,Cause even if people can not get crawled pingback ......


In short,Search a pass,There seems to be a plug-in before you can step (I happen to be the kind of person like a lot of plug-ins),Called "Add Post URL",But this plugin has the shelf。

This approach does not work,But to try to modify the code level:

Change text Template

This approach requires you to compare the theme "primitive",Or you are familiar with PHP language,The principle is found in the wordpress theme single.php file,In the inside get_post() Function below into the corresponding statement and link,But for me,My theme in this part of the code is directly,I'm not familiar with PHP language,This approach does not work。

Code to add plug-in

Final,I http://www.shouce.ren/api/view/a/10433 found a way,Add code to functions.php,The body of the injection copyright notice and link at the end of the article,Such a database text will not be flooded with similar content:


of course,The last one is the most important,We pray with folded hands 🙏️ crawl content owners mercy ...... after all, so his statement,On a regular removed ......


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