In the end "Larry" is a what?

This article first appeared inDigital lychee,Formerly known as "in the end" Larry "is a what? Larry input method developers listen to you say "

Just last weekend,I recommend Larry input to a new friend,He is the kind of concern in this respect has never been a man - even the "spelling" concept,Also I know after I introduced him to Larry - "So I have been called by spelling (phonetic) Input Method"。

It is this matter,It prompted me to write this article hands。As a developer Larry input method,Speak the truth,I was also very "catch chicken",We often say that high efficiency Larry、Larry Fast、Larry dual auxiliary,It is simpler than Wubi,It is also very easy to use pinyin ...... so what 🤷♂️ the other party may not even know what you're talking。

I was in the "off the grid input from entry to the master," to write such a chapter. "What is Larry”,But a few words,Not very in-depth introduction。

This time,,I wanted to give it a try,The most straightforward way,To tell you the final analysis, "Larry" is Gesha。

You're using is called "spelling input method"

Whether "spelling" or,"Larry" worth mentioning(In fact, there are "three-fight" Are you afraid?),This "fight",In fact, are "alphabet" means。So do not be afraid,You'll Pinyin,So these are not difficult to。

What is the spelling of it? Pinyin need nothing more than playing the whole thing。

Many of the advantages of spelling。For example, the whole platform has a corresponding input method;For example, almost modern people suffered compulsory education,Can 0 Learning costs to get started,and many more。

Here I would like to say emphatically "inefficiency" of spelling,It is low in the end where?

1. Code is very long

Spelling is "variable length" of。Here the "longer" is a technical term,Meaning "long or short"。For example, "Fragrance",It is the pinyin zhuan,5Letters;But the "ah",It is short to the Pinyin aone letter;Not to mention the longest, zhuangTo six letters can represent a pronunciation of the word!

2. Multi-weight code

Why do people say that the "five fast"? Because it is a low-weight code ah。Pinyin will not work,You enter a shi they,To the "world",Or "senior sister apprentice"? A "tenth",Or "vision"? Under the same phonetic combination of a lot of duplicate words are homonyms,To reduce the efficiency of typing。

3. Confused

Spelling is "longer" in,Also, because you will not be entered manually typing almost delimiter when entering Pinyin,Then the result is input to rely on your own semantic segmentation Pinyin string,such as xianIt is "immortal",Or "Xi'an"?, gangaIt is "embarrassed",Or "Just A"? Thus aggravating the problem on more redundant candidate。

"Xi'an" inclusion in a variety of "first" in

An interesting discovery

Actually,You really can use spelling typing "soon"。

One time my friend next to me with a computer,He particularly fast typing with spelling,Crackling,Not only the next person looking cool,He himself really feel so cool,But Naoliao long time keyboard,Played only a line of words。

This situation is typical,I used almost too,Let's analyze why:

  • First of all,Phonetic spelling code length,He decided to fight a bunch of spelling words become,We will enter a lot of letters;
  • Secondly,For Pinyin is,To reduce re-rate,The only way is to play as much as possible the whole alphabet are;
  • If you enter a non-standard Pinyin、Even with errors,Then the input method will help you to "guess",This will further increase the number of candidate,Thereby reducing the efficiency。

what,With words given word? Sorry,Modern smart candidate word Pinyin input method is dynamic,You always do that,Your thesaurus on the bombing,The final price is more typing,Candidate more "silly"。

Here the reader may be challenged:We do not play the full spelling of,Jianpin look smart。I countered view is that "there are simple spelling,Larry has assisted ",Larry with you than with jianpin,So Larry on the use of auxiliary code than with spelling,As it can be compared over spelling。

Try semi-detached

Then,Larry is how to solve the problem of spelling it?

1. Fixing the code length

The code length is fixed Shuangpin,With two letters on behalf of a "pronunciation" (Pinyin),This is called mapping。

Think about it,You press 1 Keys,On behalf of the press 3 Keys,So cool bad mood? For example, we require,You just press x,The system will give you replace money,So I want to make "light",What need to press the button? - gx,You see,Lengthy guangIt becomes a lj,You press a little 3 Buttons!

This is the fundamental Shuangpin。We put those Changchangduanduan Pinyin,Split into "consonant" and "vowel" itself (here, strictly speaking,,Is split into "consonant" and "other remaining portion"),The "vowel" letter mapped to a fixed,Such,It can be used to represent any two-letter alphabet combination!

That zh ch sh how to do it? - Good question,These three special vowels and consonants also just have to be mapped;Another problem is that the reader may wonder,For example, you Theand anMapping aThe words of,How do you distinguish who is who? My answer is simple:Do not do it。😂 we are going to discuss this issue。

2. Man-made compilation

Larry and spelling is a different place,Since the keys are mapped acquired Larry,Larry design time,Nature can jump qwerty keys layout restrictions。

we all know,Now the keyboard for text input and optimize the design of,Although the 26 letters of the alphabet a (never mind that there are wonderful letters üWe generally use vinstead),But with this keyboard typing,After all, the opponent is not good。

Larry English as you can as,For the common pronunciation,To a more reasonable arrangement and design layout arrangement,Thereby improving typing efficiency (feel)。

Additional interject,If you really do not want contact with Larry,But want to look for solutions to enhance the efficiency of typing spelling,It may look dvorak keyboard layout。

3. Split clear

Since the two fixed Shuangpin alphabet letters represent a,So no additional input of speculation and resolved within the string alphabet,And can be seen as Pinyin input,Are accurate and complete legal Pinyin。Since there is no confusion,Reducing the weight of phonetic symbols to a certain extent。

Larry also has shortcomings,For example, many programs flourishing (this can also be an advantage),For example, each different platform support,Another example is to learn a little bit of cost - the average person to use self-study time is probably a day or so,You can refer to their learning ability to estimate,Basically up to one week。

Try playing chanting words

In short,Larry really good bad? Give us much time is saved? But also on the actual talk。Let's look at a typical contrast of "pure Larry" for "pure spelling" input:

Thousands of hammers chisel out the deep mountains,fire burning like idle。Don't be afraid,to stay innocent。


qian chui Van theirs chu shen shan, lie that fen shao until deng xian.fen gu sui shen mandarin this pa, yao liu qing bai will ren jian.

Larry (Larry Daniel scheme):

qq iv wd zs iu vk vd, lp to fk vs ro dj gu sv vk qj this pa, ys lt qg bh zh rk jq.

Evident,A typical shortcomings of Larry,I am not visually see at a glance what the author wrote,But Larry really neat 😱 ......

Here we can count,A common spelling two rows Total 123 Characters,Larry is two lines 87 Characters (statistics from BBEdit)。

Larry fewer keystrokes than the spelling 30% ! This is the case of the input method complete hit,That is, you enter a string of letters,Press the space bar once on the results。If it is a relatively uncommon names or professional terms,The same re-rate,Larry can still play a lot less than the keys spelling。

For example Drafting this point,full text 2281 Words,Larry just 4562 Letters hit (not spaces) ,We need a rough spelling 7000 Multi-letter (Google translated Pinyin strips spaces,BBEdit with statistical character)。

of course,Spelling have to consider the situation Jianpin,Larry may have hit jianpin,So we subtract 1000 ,Larry is still a rough advantage 25%。

Suppose you average per 0.5 Click the button keyboard seconds,Then the wording of this point,Need 4562 x 0.5 = 2281 second,aka 38 minute。Had,In fact, I already spent three hours。

Spelling it? (7000 – 1000) x 0.5 = 3000 second,aka 50 minute。Obviously, this time in fact both have to turn over several times,But the proportion is evident。

Slow is fast,Less is more

The current information explosion,You can easily get any knowledge,But it can digest of,Is your own,Should never be biting off more than。

This is the same thing Larry,What auxiliary code、What stopwatch,Just do not bother about all the time to get started,By Larry on the basis of the program。So you are familiar with the,Go Learn more about advanced content。

This,I was too qualified in terms of the,Many new users will be stuck in this step,it's painful,How not comfortable with - the end result is not careful to mount a code table、Opened the high-level secondary code ...... these things are very powerful,But they need a little time to master,Especially for new ShuangPin for you to get started。

In short,Select a program Shuangpin,Immediately start typing it!

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