WordPress updated! 4.3 Billie

Luckily the first time more 4.3,Editor finally native support for pseudo markdown

The first support icon Set the entry

Edit menu when finally able to instantly display

New users can then automatically create strong passwords


I want to say ............ background enhancements and code highlighting that this is no trouble even ah! ! ! !?

Start tragedy

Last night the night[……]

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How to hide text statistical code

In General,We will use statistical code when creating a third-party independent blog to monitor the blog visits,In order to obtain some small sense of accomplishment ~

In short,When those statistics add tags they always seize the opportunity to give your own website advertising - word "Webmaster Statistics" and other nasty hidden in calling in,You can not afford to also clear how。

Other,Even if unrealistic Text,There nonsense pictures show,I rely,[……]

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I did not use a third party commenting system

WordPressMost probably the largest of the blog systems,Today's regressed to the extent that it can even CMS cameo,I do not know how many business websites do with castrated WP facade ......

WP commenting system that does have some Han,So,There exists the brightest third-party social comment system。I have also used them once,But eventually gave up,To this end I wrote an article to Tucao:《WordPress common[……]

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htaccess redirect to https redirection also cause subdomain solutions

Recently,So I wrote an article:WordPress Open full stop HTTPS ,This side describes in detail how I turned the whole grid down to the station https of,Now I need to open an experimental subdomain,The result was writing htaccess ,To redirect to443Port the code causes the entire domain name is redirected to the primary domain,It makes very egg pain,Or sub-domain must also have a certificate,Or[……]

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Modify .htaccess ban Contents Index privacy

Usually the default Apache will allow directory indexing,This is very vulnerable to malicious use of people with ulterior motives。Many people choose to place the index.html file in the directory for this purpose,Because then it becomes open an empty file can not be indexed directory,But this, after all, a temporary solution - you can not give all of the directories to index a right?

If you can,Or should modify .[……]

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WordPress Open full stop HTTPS

since CNNIC After the certificate issued by the sub-middle attack occurred in these events,SSL Connection and HTTPS Becoming more popular。This time we 'Use SSL to protect your login information, and background page"Into the recommended"SSL Everywhere”,Using global SSL encryption,Avoid disclosure of privacy caused by the user when accessing the page。And,According to Google Webmaster most[……]

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WordPress Editor to increase the Chinese font TinyMCE Advanced plugin

WordPress is a very popular blog system,The advantage is to be used to make full-featured CMS ......

But the disadvantage Well,May be too simple editor is one of the background。

Although it supports the Chinese do very well,But for this one editor,I am afraid it is not so tough。For example, not criticized for our common font options,Nor can you change the text size,Instead, it is the title Ratings,Make[……]

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WP Smush automatic image lossless compression

You must have heard of the picture compression technology,Otherwise you will not care about this issue。Yes,Saying about a picture is worth a thousand words,How to write a blog with pictures can not do? but,Once the distribution map,It will definitely increase the traffic load on a single page - which delayed the loading time from the side of your page。

In today's blog mostly independent "Liuyang"in the case of,Load flow more 1KB,You may have to allow your browser to turn on a half-day chrysanthemum。Many of my friends have turned cd[……]

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How to fix missing updated class issue in WordPress

In your WordPress updated articles were added to the label is a good choice,So you can be notified to search engines when your article is the updated。Other,Today, search engines and the latest number of the recently updated content ratings as one of the items,Then add your WordPress articles which updated the label becomes necessary。

Structured Data[……]

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