Disable WordPress inside Emoji static

Now WordPress stand by emoticon The,But supportive manner somewhat ...... 2,Yes,To make it more browsers and platforms can display Emoji expression,Emoji expression will automatically be converted to static images face。

Then in order to expand? In short it again this static mapping image edition bag on a face to go public library is the callback ......,Wordpress domain: https://s.w.org/images/core/emoji/72x72/

In short,Accustomed to using Twitter friends should have been discovered,It is actually used on TwitterOpen faceStorehouse。In short,It has been interfered with - because of my own to build a unique online environment,Many readers have pocketed the letters shouted website is slow to respond, I actually thought it was New Year tighten network problems?

Ok,Us get down to business,For readers not those weird terminal reader pocketed here,For now,Mainstream operating system and browser has been able to support the Emoji expression,It does not need to be static,We just need to WordPress comes with Emoji static function off just fine。

Here we edit theme template function,That is functions.php file,Here I recommend you use "sub-topic" way to define the theme ah,This avoids being updated topics and erase configuration:)

in functions.php File and add the following line:

Such,Original Emoji familiar face on the back?

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  1. The strange thing is ...... Well I do not know to stop no matter how vest modify functions.php,No matter how to use plug-ins,No matter how to use incognito mode (firefox and chrome),The console can still see loaded emoji ...... simply mask ring!

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