When Mailgun no longer free,How do you placed your domain mail?

Before I wrote an article:《 Use Mailgun create your free domain mailMailgun There is a very interesting feature is the recipient routing,With this feature set,You can use any incoming mail forwarding to your mailbox which set a good,This eliminates the need for each domain name to set up a mail service,Only through Mailgun On the corresponding e-mail can be forwarded by e-mail needs - after all,,Usually we will use these domain mail may be a basic authentication。

Recently,Mailgun no longer free,Free pay-per-user instead of the amount of accounts,An email 0.0008 US dollar,The same time,Write routing function becomes advanced user functionality - which means,If you want to use Mailgun when domain mail use,Then you need to buy at least $35 The monthly entry-level members。

For a month、Six months may not need to receive a message for me,The price is really difficult to accept。


Mailgun really can not reuse later,I spent some time,Find a new solution,And a more stable and simpler than Mailgun program -This SiteThat specialize in domain mail forwarding!

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ImprovMX Sign up to use,Most Users can simultaneously bind free 5 A domain name,Supports up to each domain name 10 A mail forwarding address,Completely sufficient!



After the registration of domain names directly added to bind to,Add your MX resolution in the corresponding domain name mx1.improvmx.with and mx2.improvmx.with ,Then add TXT resolve v=spf1 include:spf.improvmx.with ~all .,Wait for the changes to take effect,Click revalidated in ImprovMX in on it,Once verified,Domain mail forwarding has already started work properly:

Once the domain name change to take effect,A domain mail forwarding also available

Once the domain name change to take effect,A domain mail forwarding also available

Click on the right side. " TEST "Button to send a test message,By checking the recipient's address received test message can be forwarded to confirm the entry into force:

Domain mail messages successfully received and forwarded to my Gmail

Domain mail messages successfully received and forwarded to my Gmail


Same,Some people may actually be using your own domain name as a daily mail mailboxes,There would need to transmit function。ImprovMX does not directly send e-mail function,But his family supportSetting sent through Gmail

First, open your Gmail to verify two - because the setup process need to use App-specific passwords。

After opening two verification,ToHereApp-specific password generated,And then a similar program before Mailgun,Gmail interface to set the "Accounts and Import",We find the mailbox alias previously set (if not,Adding on-site,The difference is newly added after a successful will give you send an email for verification),Click Edit Information。

Note ⚠️:Here to uncheck "treat as an alias"。

Fill in the server address: smtp.gmail.with , Port Number election 587 ,Gmail login account is the email address you are currently using,Then just write good code generated one-time password,Encryption or TLS unchanged。

Save to take effect,Such,You can use this e-mail address of the sender,The same time,The other replies will be forwarded mail back to your Gmail account (if you are forwarding the same Gmail words)。

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  1. The time now is May 2021,I went to the improvmx official website to check,The free account only supports one domain name,25Aliases,Can't send mail,The attachment size is 10M,I can't play at all~

    1. Yes I just discovered recently,But because I always have multiple forwarding settings on my account,Now they didn't remove it for me,It's just that you are not allowed to add more 😂 If necessary in the future, it is not impossible to buy a member,After all, it works well (except for being used to spam spam for a while...

  2. Hello,I have successfully set up Improvmx to receive and send mail,But all emails I send will go to the recipient's promotional content,Is GMAIL restricted from being sent to the main mailbox?thank

    1. Indeed a similar problem,Because some time ago, improvmx seemed to be attacked,People often use their vulnerabilities to send mass advertisements... It seems that Google has dealt with their servers。

  3. Hi hello,
    I have a "less secure app" problem in the last step of the gmail settings mailing section,Unable to add post。I follow the steps to apply for two-step verification (mobile phone)、App only (mail / MAC),Although I am not a MAC computer。I don't know which part is the problem,Need assistance,thank!

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