App Store in the Swift 2 App

Swift 2 Ready to launch the。You can now submit with Swift 2 app latest features 。It makes your code more readable and to force,Included guard ,The new error control module and the availability of control。

Be sure to use Xcode7 To compile your application and use OS X El Capitan The GM version,And the final version of the iOS9 and watchOS2

Xcode 7 And OS X El Capitan

OS X El Capitan 需要 Xcode 7 ,It includes Swift 2 ,Natural support system integrity protection (SIP),app thinning,And the latest SDK,When running Xcode7 time,You may be prompted some of the need to apply Swift 1.2 Syntax change the code on。To help you migrate to Swift2,Xcode7 includes a very useful tool to help you rewrite the old version of the Swift Code。Only you need to select the Edit menu > Convert > To Latest Swift Syntax Xcode then your code will be migrated to the latest Swift API and syntax。

If your code in the later stages of development,You need to stay for some time in a multi-Xcode6,You have to continue to use the OS X Yosemite as your development system。OS X El Capitan and Xcode 6 The combination can not submit the application to the App Store,Because the underlying architecture has undergone major changes。If you need another partition or external hard drive to install OS X Yosemite,You can download the OS X Yosemite from the App Store,Then installThese stepsInstall。Also note Xcode7 are supported on OS X El Capitan and Yosemite's。

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