Swift 2.0 Introduction

WWDC conference in June this year on, Apple released Swift 2.0 Programming language。This new version has improved performance,The new API error control and detection support class availability。And improved Apple SDK platform API to make it more native to Swift。


For new features for,Also worth noting is that Apple will open later this year Swift[……]

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Firefox:No longer trust the new certificate CNNIC

Mozilla no longer trust the new certificate CNNIC

Article translated from Mozilla blogoriginal。I Caishuxueqian,Omissions are inevitable if the error message welcome treatise!

Last week, Mozilla NoticeOne called CNNIC Intermediate Certificate Authority issued a certificate unfettered,Domain name then this certificate will be used to give the recipient does not have control over the domain name or a certificate (for example,:Middle attack)。We call this intermediate certificate added to the fire[……]

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Google announced that its full line of products no longer recognize the CNNIC root certificate (Bo translation)

Google online security blog

In late March,A sudden storm swept through the network that Han Han that several countries ...... summary,Google on March 23 published an article on the issue of the certificate Bowen,Directed at CNNIC,1 Update again this month,And made clear the attitude of the CNNIC,Routing can not personally comment on this matter,Just translate the original article here,A standard content can not say, but at least on a lot better than the line translator when you practice it ..................[……]

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You should write blog - Steve Yegge

This is what I saw in Steve yegge the early years of the blogan article,Written in a very good,Although very old,But it still has a lot of merit,So I reprint it over translation。
Steve yegge former Amazon employees,Now switched to Google,I like to write blog content and sharp Tucao classic,The article he recommended everyone to blog。

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John McAfee在Varney & Company program demonstrates how to use a simple social invade Sony Pictures

McAfee is via voice mail exploits host phone

First, that some digression,Today, outside the chain of inquiry found the time I rely on! I know almost had connections inside traffic,Point to open to see a man actually found to have recommended to my blog - independent IT Bo ~

How do you say,Very touched it,Crooked writing so long,Finally it is recognized by the others a little a little bit,Suddenly I felt this thing on their significance is much greater than itself ......

So, ah,I decided to let[……]

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