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In Xcode 6.3 in,We worked Objective-C adds new Null tag Language features。This feature gives a Objective-C language and the same expression Swift empty and non-empty kind of API Interface。Xcode 7 Through the introduction to Objective-C lightweight generic module allows Objective-C communications more natural and Swift。Generics allow two languages ​​secure communication and sharing to save the collection of specific types of elements。

These features are useful for any person writing contains both Swift and Objective-C code for the APP。But the bigger collection of code here and some Objective-C developers use every day of:Those framework composed Apple SDK。In order to improve Swift and Operating experience of Objective-C,We poured company-wide effort to provide this information in our heads SDK。In Xcode 7 you will find that almost all of the common framework are now in their API and collection types of elements that can be supported by empty properties。This allows our Swift interfaces from such:


Become so:

The last question is Xcode 7 Convert your code to Swift 2 Tool of。This tool exists in Xcode's Edit menu, Convert > To Latest Swift Syntax 。This tool can use Swift 1.2 Project prepared by the conversion to the appropriate Swift 2 version,Also modifies the necessary configuration。These changes are reflected in the upgrading of the header information。For chestnuts,A method of rewriting when its parameters and return types are now more legible,Migration is updated to match the way you。

Objective-C to improve in the WWDC Swift and Objective-C interaction 14Minutes and 30 seconds at the start。But this video using Xcode 6.3 __nullable Grammar and Xcode 7 The updated _Nullable Different syntax。For more information on labels can be empty,See Bowen Empty properties and Objective-C 。For Swift 2 Lightweight and generic Objective-C,Venue Xcode 7 Release notes To learn more。

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