Interpret:How do I declare the Swift closure?

Today, a friend recommended an interesting page,A domain name is like:

In the Swift,All functions are closures,Standard functions are just the most complete closures name with parameters。

All right,The following is the text



As avariable:


As aOptional variable:


As aType alias:


As aconstant:


As aWhen the function call parameters:


As aFunction parameters:


As aAnd using the parameters of the function type inference:


As aEstimation function parameters and return type:


As aThe last parameter of the function:


As the last parameter to the functionParameter names and abbreviations:


And as a function of the last parameterAnd concluded that the return value:


As the last parameter to the function,A presence function as a reference:


As a function parameterWith default capture:


As a function parameterWith default parameters to infer the type of capture and return type and:


This site does not list ready to use all closures。
By Zev Eisenberg, Yes, that's right Mike Walker Sorry, The latter is unlikely to have a good impression on these things。

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