"important Notice: Say about to close. "

Just remember when doing blog,I also tried various third-party China's social comment system,And even wrote an article for analysis and comparison of the pros and cons between them:WordPress plugin common social comment Comment,Of course,Try again in,After selecting one of them and spent some time,I eventually go back to the wp's own comment system,Later, I wrote an article to illustrate this matter:I did not use a third party commenting system,After a year and a half now look,My choice is how wise!

?You used to say of,Their own way for many years to export articles comment on it!

I guess,Many people might give up years of article comments, right?

To say shut up

Today, open the mailbox,See the first thing is to say e-mail notification - although I Needless to say,But I have a account,Otherwise, then how to test it, right? So I received an email to say:

Say e-mail

very simple,No complicated css,No name wildcard matching,Simple mass:“We want off the assembly line at this year's Children's Day。

Do not be surprised

Say Close,In fact, it should be said is expected to do。From the collapse of a large number of transfer fees and network disk can see that,Now the Internet bubble broken,Say can not treat all so long charging mode can be considered a miracle。

I did not use his blog to say,But the comments are indeed many sites say,This is a very objective,but,Although support anonymous reviews,But the message was never receive notice。Because advertising is not good enough to filter,Many of the major stations are closed more fire anonymous,This leads to the need for additional messages and comments set of account and password。

It may be due to free,Few sources of funding,To say how the development has not been positive,Does not support https,Filter ad optimization feature missing,Not even a number of sets corresponds most to the skin site style,All say the box is the same! Whether you are black or white background。


Digital is the scourge of the company for so many years of Chinese Internet have finally back on the right path,Now the popular market segments,Large free wide coverage of products to survive,but,Ultimately say the closure fact, it reflects the web 1.0 The away。

As early as the beginning of a collapse qvod,People just shout:“Nora owe a Member”,now,Say Close,These users just jump out shouting:“I pay still does not work?" --late。

Users want to say into charges continue to treat all

Speaking of free,China's Internet users are divided into two types of people for a very extreme,At least for me as an independent iOS developers is that - free users never go to pay for software。In my shelvesR0uter Input ToolOf this time,Because all of a sudden I have limited free download thousands of distressed:"Yeah,This time miserable,Users who have downloaded the free to pay for it。”

However, after the end of the pay sales or limit free as usual。Later, I learned,

Market segments,Users willing to pay for features,We are not concerned about the price of your application,10Block 40 is no difference,They are more concerned with your application functionality can not meet their needs;Users do not want to pay,Even if it is a dollar,They are reluctant to buy,They only care about price - even if you buy the limited free them,It is only to buy,Will notTo use。

at this time,An application is no longer available it should be based on free-based,Free on-line,For the number,This trick may still works,But overall,This is no longer a good model of。For small start-up team,Should try to meet the small niche in the market segments where demand,These people are more willing to goApplications and services to pay for the

Only in this way,Start-up team or individual developers may have survived the formation of a virtuous cycle,which is:

Developers to develop -> Users buy -> Developer revenue -> Basic living guarantee ->Continue iteration -> Fully functional -> Increase user buy -> Developers income -> Full-time developers -> Function more perfect -> More -> The development of a team -> Obtain funding ......


Now investors have learned it,He said the vote would no longer cast,It seems to be the overall requirements of a rating upgrade,Previous seed round has turned into a round,Requirements angel round becomes a seed round,This means that an idea can be easily fooled into money previously set team days gone。Now there is no product,There are no user,No gain market proven model,Hard to get the investor's pro-Lai。This greatly enhanced the difficulty of starting entrepreneurial team,Because you have to give yourself at least a complete wheel seeds - of course,Pioneer Park to join those others do not in this column mice。

At last

Says,In fact, this is the user and habits have a great relationship,Due to the rise of China's qq,Resulting in a completely different and foreign user habits,Few ordinary users will prefer to use e-mail,This may be the biggest difference between Chinese and foreign Internet,At the same time due to the presence of gfw,Foreign habit of not propagate to come,Led to the domestic network more and more deformed shape,Perhaps this is why life and death do not want to say it to optimize mail notification。



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  1. "The market segment,Users willing to pay for features,We are not concerned about the price of your application,10Block 40 is no difference,They are more concerned with your application functionality can not meet their needs;Users do not want to pay,Even if it is a dollar,They are reluctant to buy,They only care about price - even if you buy the limited free them,It is only to buy,Simply not going to use。”

    You say too right,Today, just download the app off the grid,See also feel a little expensive 40,But think they used the spelling,A hard-hearted bought。Really did not let me down,From Baidu、With palms up,Larry is not an input method would satisfy me。

    Paste it in the group of semi-detached tear off the grid is a shell software,Where no code table to pocketed,But having said that,Such a long time,I have not seen the author developed an easy to use on ios Larry input method out,Free share is clever,But as users,Which of course is easy to use with which the,The key is the price of software quality right from the software。Hope pocketed able to get better and better。

      1. group….See the message board in the group but was written telegram wall,I have nothing Kotsuru group interest into (he tore his group where you still do…),Because basically not on the qq,Why not consider building a pocketed micro Xinqun it,Anyway, the software on the phone with a micro-channel chat not very good,But also the way to solve some operational problems。Now very few people seem to use qq bar,Or Baidu Post Bar to open a forum and focus / content sharing some good?

        1. Baidu Post Bar's what I despise,I do not micro-channel,I mainly active in twitter,Only telegram is the main beta group,There are now more than 200 people,qq group is designed for domestic users to create user groups,Currently on these two,In addition, as I have enough energy,Also lacks the energy to get another forum yet。

          Under occasionally still live on qq ha ha。I was in the group Kotsuru,Why is it curious that he did not kick me,I just dive then there is no longer a message it hehe。

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