Good office software,Everyone ultimately,。Office 365,You go!

This is what office software,Word processing、Table editing、The famous "ppt" slide,After graduation I almost touched Microsoft no longer tied,Occasionally need to use a text editor is Apple's iWork series (of course, writing papers or something, forget it),In short,This time I want to soft again,Push Office 365.

In fact, Microsoft's Office suite,It may still use pirated - this is an excellent opportunity to whiten it - cheap enough。



mine Pocketed input macOS 2 Sales of China has been made Digital lychee genuine software store Exclusive sales agent,The digital lychee got the qualifications of Office sales,Really it is very powerful very easy,In addition to Microsoft's official flagship store,They now may be the whole Taobao shop in a handful of direct access to Microsoft's official authorized shop。


From 3 month 4 To 3 month 31 day,Starting in the digital lychee genuine Office software store 365 personal / Home Edition,Respectively, can enjoy up 8.8 With 8 % Discount!

  • Office 365 Personal Edition:349 Dollars (for 1 person,total 5 Devices use)
  • Office 365 Home Edition:399 Yuan (for up to 6 people,total 30 Devices use)

More commendable is,Buy Office 365 Also receive AdGuard or XMind: ZEN - subscription license


Here,Naturally, it is py to offer exclusiveDiscount on discount link,Minus 5 yuan!


Family bucket,Everything

Office 365 It is a cloud-based subscription service,Word contains、Excel、PowerPoint、Outlook、Access、This Publisher 6 Classic components。Event Planning、financial analysis、Year-end report、Send and receive messages in one step ...。

Microsoft Office family bucket

1TB OneDrive space,Just save the file

Office 365 It offers 1TB OneDrive cloud storage space,You can use it to back up important files of various computer,And photos from your phone、video。


Need to know,Year purchased separately 50GB OneDrive space remains 180 Yuan (15 yuan * December),The Office 365 It comes with 1TB of space,The equivalent of the former 20 Time。

Anytime, anywhere,mobile office

Compared to only activate 1 The computer system buyout Office suite,Office 365 Personal Edition supports one account activation 5 Piece of equipment,Your PC、Mac、iPhone、iPad or Android device can be used with。

Family car,Proper。

Office 365 Home Edition supports up to 6 Simultaneous users,That is,yourEachFamily can activate your 5 Piece of equipment,And has 1TB of OneDrive space (a total of 30 Piece of equipment、6TB OneDrive space)。

Family car

this time,I am soft,First, it is very affordable ...... Second, it is really value。Office wrote reports、School students to write papers,It is home to travel must yield,buy it。

Office 365 personal / Home Edition preferential links >


Office 365 Support system version Windows 7 / macOS 10.10 And above;
Office OneNote original components 365 Not provided,However, users can download for free at the official website or OneNote App Store;
Access and Publisher Both components are only available in the Windows system。

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