I did not use a third party commenting system

WordPressMost probably the largest of the blog systems,Today's regressed to the extent that it can even CMS cameo,I do not know how many business websites do with castrated WP facade ......

WP commenting system that does have some Han,So,There exists the brightest third-party social comment system。I have also used them once,But eventually gave up,To this end I wrote an article to Tucao:《WordPress plugin common social comment Comment

The friend said to me, "You are so few people blog comment,Comments may be too WP comes so bad,You try abroadDisqus?”

I tried a total of two,But all gave up,I speak from reason:

First attempt

I was still using the classic theme WP 2015,Two-column design,Full width,Disqus tragedy is the width of the paper side to account for a 100%,To know that my words not consume 100 percent of it ...... it is very nondescript results。

Then I wanted a way to control this thing width,css approach seems to be an older version works,Today, this approach has already failed,See the code itself found themselves Disqus width is set to 100% important Simply can not cover it!

Stop deleted!

It is commendable that their anti-registration function well。

Second attempt

After the last battle,I stopped and changed the theme of nostalgia,This theme may be in your eyes look very strange ugly,But even today,Many foreign websites still look like this ...... contrary I'd really like。

Niubi place this theme is compatible Disqus could have and alas,Width finally no longer a problem,So to try to re-open Disqus,This was finally able to focus on the function。

I prefer the point is that if both sides are on the page,Comments and responses are then immediate notice!

unfortunately,Comments reminder e-mail is very slow,When the landlord reply by my test,Reviews of peopleSimply can not receive email alert! After about a week I received an e-mail。😲

--of course,I refer to the case of anonymous (not registered Disqus) of。

How such a situation can accept? !

Forget it,Stop or delete it ......

At least commenting system comes with e-mail notification or very instant。In addition to the avalanche of spam。😵


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