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Routing recently spent a few days to say social comment,Beginning the feeling is still very good。Mainly due to the WP commenting system comes with it is a bit difficult to accept - but hard to read these days I discovered with many problems,So the way,Simply put the current tried several domestic plug to make a social comment Comment,of course,Their version is as of the date when the article was published,With the change in the future my choice, I will continue to update this article:)


For a window for social comment,of course,As a WordPress plugin speaking,I think we need the following several functions,Of course this is not to say social comment,Also you need

  1. General Anonymous comments
    And WP itself is kind of,after all,There are still many people do not like so much a sign in the window of social comment - they do not need。So,Keep this function is still very necessary - they just need a way to communicate and author。
  2. Improve spam filtering capabilities
    Use additional comment system to replace the native comment system,That corresponds for instanceAkismet They will not take effect for,So,This requires a third-party review system to get rid of all kinds of advertising review。
  3. A nice background
    Some commentators even require you to plug-in system to comment on the sites they manage,This is most difficult to accept。So,A nice background sound or necessary。
  4. Local synchronization
    If it was so easy in the future review system,You do not have to do everything possible to recover the data Comments,A variety of import and export is not a good choice ah。
  5. E-mail notification
    In fact, this is not necessarily mandatory requirement,If you can perfectly synchronize the local,That or the use of local mail notification will be very easy to use it。

To say

Say social comment box routing based on cognitive point of view seems to be the most fire,With a lot of people,Not for them to advertise on the site, but the route frequently visited indeed they are used is to speak of the box。 Screenshot 2014-06-25 4.33.40 PM Introduction to say that they built insideAkismet、Cloud anti-spam features,Comments synchronize the local ...... Facts have proved that this stuff is no localAkismetOne-tenth of Haoshi,Since the close of the localAkismet,As if to say spam filtering would never take effect too!Spam in droves ah! ! ! There are wood。 Regarding the comment synchronization function,You can do to save local,But the comments on the audit settings and so on can not be synchronized,Other,Comments can not receive mail notification,Even junk mail mailbox where there is no,WP own or notification can ...... so,The other is not to say,Only reluctantly replaced。


We have now registered related articles of hunting,In any case later was turned off,Now determined to want to try hunting of social comment,The results installed after routing desperate to find that things can only import comments and can not be synchronized and WP ...... future exports is still a problem,You can not just change,That decisively abandon it。 QQ20140625-1 QQ20140625-2

Friends of Yan

Friends of the statement of social comment window looks good,Why look it? Ah ...... the latest 4.0 version in any case not download,and so…… Latest update,As I write this article when,In order to capture the 404,I open the download page found - Ah actually be able to download -。- Ok,Anyway, I have to spend a lamp Heron,He would not comment on the ...... I had to worship。 At all events,I downloaded the latest 4.0 plug-friendly words today to try a bit,Heron feeling than light background many beautiful pretty,Admin also very perfect,Compatible with good,UnlikeHeron lights background,He finally gave you jump to the top of the page to goQQ20140625-3 But the truth is cruel,I'm sorry things,When I want to sync,I saw this news: QQ20140626-1 So,We still continue to use it to light Heron。

Light Heron

Currently pocketed using light heron social commentary,It can Admin Comments,Audit delete comments and other operations can also be synchronized to the WP database,Also can intelligently filter spam - at least the ability to filter。 QQ20140625-4

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