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DoT DoH addition DNSCrypt,You can also learn more about the DNS encryption scheme

2018On November 2nd update,One day after switching to DoT,All stubby built-in server running unusually slow,Until daily use is immune to give up ......。

2018On November 1st update,used 5 After days DoH,Since the server is currently offering this service only,I was here at this address operators blocked。

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Talk Shadowrocket and Quantumult

Since I replaced the United States District Apple ID,Originally purchased the Surge will not be used again - of course,Now Surge also updated the new version,to me,Spend millions to buy an advanced network debugging tools and then simply used over the wall,Think I felt very stupid。

Fortunately,macOS version of the Surge 2 Authorization is still,After all, this does not follow Apple ID,I can[……]

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How do the most basic password security to the server.

Do app do site,Inevitably and server、Backstage、Data deal,Then developed as a background,When it comes to Register Login,You should think most users should be safe,In particular password security。

Now a website security community almost every day、A company is Tuoku,That is the whole point of being stolen database download。So all your user data fall into the hands of criminals,Even so should be how to prevent,Criminals can not get used[……]

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Adding to the server ipv6 support through Apple's review

IOS app backend server to do,It needs to be done to support the ipv6,although 6 Almost do not use in China,Unfortunately Apple is now requiring all shelves app needs to support pure ipv6 network,So,At least our server to be up and running in under an environment ipv6。

Since most domestic server can not provide ipv6 network,So we can only find their own tunnel,Now use[……]

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Let go SSH proxy server connection

Many network operation and maintenance、Or owners need to manage the server via ssh、vps,If you do not happen to,Separated by a wall between you and the server GFW,Then since GFW will analyze ssh packets,Result was slightly slower network will allow the command to card one minute。

GFW is now fully capable of analyzing traffic characteristics ssh,To determine whether you are really using the ssh server configuration,Or use it[……]

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OwnCloud build private clouds with personal

Background account

According to regulations of the country,All network disk must be reviewed! (Probably because too much goddess,You know = _ =),Then have stopped most of the network disk service,Now only some of the big manufacturers still operating in the cloud。but,You keep to a certain degree in the cloud all the information must be subject to review (the goddess of the film becomes 15 seconds educational films,It is light;If you say dang good,Or to save the file to a similar degree in the cloud,Tomorrow will be[……]

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Ali cloud management API use dynamic domain name resolution ddns

Dynamic DNS,Acronym ddns,It is different from our usual DNS resolution,But it is intended to deal with the kind of no fixed public IP address resolution server。

Typical usage is:Construction of small home broadband server,There is no fixed IP,Want online,In addition to writing scripts mail outside,The only way this can go ddns。

as far as I can tell,The most famous is probably the notoriously unstable and difficult to use peanut shells[……]

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Encryption and decryption - make your information more secure

I remember someone saying:

We, as an ordinary person,Money is not state apparatus more,No country strong force machine - but on cryptography,It may be the first individual to an equal footing with such huge machine。

Internet all the time filled with a variety of information,Every word we uttered,Like every point,They are the equivalent of saying to everyone listening,it's here,Every word we can spread very far,Every one of our[……]

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