independently developed iOS:Manage your redemption code

As iOS developer you,Promo codes must be aware of this thing,That is, we often say that the redemption code。(of course,As perhaps you iOS users also no stranger to this)

this time,We take a look,This seemingly endless redemption code,What are the restrictions in the end。


Apple background rendering valid redemption code has been a mystery,Although the official statement of 4 week,That is 28 day,But in fact this period if your app update,Then the redemption code will most likely fail[1]。


Conversely, if you send a new version of the code is,But you have not added to our new version,So after the user redeems get is pre-order modes,When you Added new version,Exchange to automatically download and install App。

Exchange behavior

You can get a redemption code App、App available within the redemption codes and redemption code  TV,But  TV redemption code must be redeemed on iOS。

App redemption code obtained by the user,And the same as normal purchase,It will appear in the shopping list,Developers background'll see a sales record (apparently no income),The only difference is the user code can not be used to rate and comment on this App in the App Store。

If the exchange is within procurement projects,Then two cases,1、Free App,So will first help you download iOS,And then exchange;2、App charges,Users must first purchase and then redeem App。

If the exchange is automatic subscription renewals,[Subscribe] then this will not automatically renew upon expiration。


App purchase for the average exchange,Each App has in each platform 100 Code available,To refresh the updated version number,There is no upper limit。

For items purchased within Exchange,Each item has a purchase within 100 Code available,Refreshed every six months [][2],If you have a number of items purchased within,Then all items for a total of generated code is 1000 A,Had run out six months。

[1] After generating the passcode updated App,Based on experience,This code can not be redeemed will fail。But Apple's official documentation does not mention this case。

[2] Fixed annual January 1 and June 1 Refresh。




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