ARUBA MSA1100 AP thin fat transfer configuration


The recent start of a aruba AP,That has recently been very fire MSA1100,Although the configuration interface is the CLI,But as a Cisco engage in so many years of hard to force the siege lion mention of course,The advantage is that the AP can fat can thin,Under the so-called family have to say it was business。


There are three models MSA1100 system products,But unfortunately,I got this is the lowermost section 2110A,G to support even the highest standard,Some small regret。


MSA1K-2510A 500MW 802.1b/g
MSA1K-2510NA 500MW 802.1b/g/n
MSA1K-2110A 100MW 802.1b/g


Speaking of configuration,I would simply talk about how quickly this guy turn into fat AP for household use。To tell you the truth,Covering this thing far better than ordinary router little too good。

1、log in

To log on to this, there are many ways to ap,But the most direct USB console that I give up,A USB to the Mac drive console me enough of a headache,Although we have to get,But then back to USB? Oh, I do not say annoying,In short,My approach is to use telnet connection。

The unique network port connected to the AP on a small shelf router,The default is no IP network port of,Whether it is connected directly to the computer or small routing can be docked,Only the latter requires you to set up a simple DHCP server out,In short,Through a small shelf router DHCP services to the AP an IP,Then your computer access to the network segment,Then you can direct telnet ~

The default is the root account password is public


Such,This stuff can be inserted in a port on the router's wireless function of the router substitute,Shoving the small wireless routing itself is tasteless wireless turn off the bar ~

Oh, right,I have to say,This thing comes with port isolation ...... so ...... all access this AP device,,,Oh and you can not communicate with each other! ! ! This feature can not be turned off。

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  1. Hello,recently,Landfill even have this thing,Ready to apply what,As you approach,Successful fat ap function。ssid,Encryption。

    Just do not know whether the added functionality of virtual ssid,And it functions to hide ssid。Thank you。There is how to transmit power to debug it。Thank you。

    1. Sorry Since this thing comes close port isolation can not I have it to lose it ............ transmit power I can not remember the tune, right? Other really do not have time to test:)

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