Suggest a DjVu and PDF online conversion system conversion site


DjVu is a relatively new alternative to PDF document format,This format is not how seemingly common in China,If you suddenly hand this e-book format,Do not panic,Pocketed the Internet to find this is the only all network provides online conversion to PDF DjVu website,Support section Chinese,It is not difficult to use。

This is the website address:


1、The conversion process is not fast nor batch conversion,Open the home page to select the following figure you want to convertDjVuFile,then click"Conversion!"To start uploading。



2、Upload complete (this is because overseas websites (Chinese support is really very powerful) So slightly slower upload speed,But it is also acceptable。)after that,There will be options page,Here you can customize your conversion strategy,I have finished key elements,You can be selected according to understand:

QQ20140112-13、Click on "Convert"Start Conversion,The next step is to wait for the slow,Patience is:

Screenshot 2014-01-12 10.03.07 PM4、After the conversion is complete there will be prompt,Click on "Click Here"To download the convertedPDFDocs ~



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