Month – January 2014

Internet access via PPTP VPN authentication

Scenario Analysis

Many people want to build one of their ownWIFI_WEBCertified Network,The main technology used is Portal (Portal),It can authenticate legitimate users through WEB page。Through this technology to do a certified third-party solutions haveWIFIAPWIWIZ,Both companies are more representative。According to my investigation,Wah also Portal Solutions,Cisco alone I have not found a correlation[……]

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Linux in the shutdown and restart


In the Linux operating system among,Some common features with the familiar Windows operating system is the same or similar operations,At the current terms of the Linux Desktop,It is quite routine office,but,If you still use Linux systems to run services,That you may have to deal with the text on the big screen,at this time,Even the most basic shutdown may become a big problem。



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Digital convergence、Triple Play、Triple play


Triple play、Digital convergence、Triple Play is actually said the same thing,But this is different in different regions called Bale。This technology is not China Unicom、mobile、Fusion Telecommunications three communication networks (While it is true that the Big Three has cut constantly tangled lingering,But here's the reason why the variously termed privations,It is to show,This triple play,Nor that triple play。) Personally,Routing'd prefer or triple play[……]

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WordPress set selected text color and background color

In the optimization blog to help a friend when encountered such a problem,Custom blog was selected text color color。

This requirement can be achieved by modifying the style.css,Concrete is added to the following fields in the corresponding file style.css:


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