Digital Ocean Singapore room rate in San Francisco SGP1

If you ask most often play VPS owners recommended that service providers? I think in addition to the famous old Linode,The rest of the rookies Digital Ocean 。The rise in recent years, just vps service providers rely on the support of the United States is said to several consortia,Create a global SSD solid disc、Demand charges vps cloud services platform。

Coupon worth $ 100

Coupon worth $ 100


The main,Still say DO cheaper,Speak the truth,Due to the competitive effects of DO,resulting in Linode Optimization of the line to reduce the price can be considered a cause for rejoicing。but,Linode Register now still only use a credit card,For not like to use a credit card - or do not have a credit card for people who,DO He became the only choice。

DO cheapest $ 5 per month(In fact, still be charged per hour, $ 0.007)Package,It has a single U、512M memory 20G SSD、1T traffic configuration (It is said that the soft limit,I will not use super-fine)。For the majority of students do dogs only friend who is having an affair,Enough。

install LNMP(DO have LAMP template,Can be directly deployed)To a WordPress,Installing shadowsocks,And then open a VPN to enable mobile phone,To go out and easy to use Temporary,To open a Google These are the generations of anti properly properly。This set down,Every year it was $60,Conversion is about ¥ 360 +

It is indeed a very cheap。

Student discount

Digital Ocean Itself does not offer any student discounts,But they are united Github of Student Developer Pack providedCoupon worth $ 100

useThis linkSign DO,You will be rewarded $ 10,thenDo not worryCreate a droplet,To apply Github ofStudent discount(If you are a student, then。)Probably a day or approval you can extract this $ 100 coupon,Enter discount code in your account which,So you will have$110Credit! Use Package $ 5,You can always use22Months! Plus you use paypal authentication when charged in $ 5,You can use a total of¥ 30 dollars two years(Actually 23 months ha ~)!

San Francisco and Singapore room rate

legendSan FranciscoGod speed fast,Very stable,Even the occasional big delay will be filled faith! Unfortunately, I am no longer here as a rapid legendary -Instead slow enough to be self-mutilation ah

But it has to be much better in Singapore

In short,Egg pain even after one minute a command + Ju tight - after the experience of the San Francisco vps up half a minute using a command ssh,I determined to change the SGP1 room anyway ~ create just less than one hour to charge only $ 0.01 is deleted。

Specific stability and other issues,Stay tuned for future updates😃

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