Huawei MA5680T Common examples of debugging commands

T1q9xKXt0gXXXXXXXX_!!0-item_pic.jpg_210x210I recently in preparation for the contest three networks,Front also wrote an article entitled "Examples of commonly used maintenance commands SoftCo9500"As the article notes,Here,Write an accompanying configuration troubleshooting of EPON。EPONIt is "Ethernet passive optical network" shorthand,HuaweiMA5680TIs aEPONofOLT,Not repeat them here Related Terms,Default readers have a certain level of knowledge,the following,According to an example I will simply tell you about a few of my favorite troubleshooting commands。

The command here is the same with Huawei series,I want to configure the Huawei device habit should not be particularly familiar friends,But for people like this route only played before Cisco =。=||……

1、See all current vlan(config)#display vlan all

Function Description:Use this command to view all the current VLAN fast machine,Including the type of property and services associated with the port number, etc.。In view of the degree of match three networksAttributeColumn should be bothcommon,Otherwise mismatch。You can also view detailed information related to thisVLANService ports,And this VLAN the native VLAN of the port。

See details on a table for a vlan (88) of

2、See all DBA template(config)#display dba-profile all

Function Description:Use this command to quickly view the current DBA (Dynamic bandwidth allocation) Template list,By ID or NAME field,You can also check the details of the target template。To determine the value of the template,Also inBusiness TemplatesThe DBA will need to associate with the corresponding template。

See the detailed table of contents and a template 101,You can use id or name to view keywords。

3、See all of the line profile(config)#display ont-EPON all lineprofile

Function Description:Use this command to quickly view presence line template,To the extent that the game should only involve the EPON,In the detailed content can be viewed with the binding of DBA profile and traffic profile。

You can view the table in a template (4) Details according to name or id Keywords

4、See all current service profile(config)#display did all srvprofile epon

Function Description:view allBusiness Templates,And you can view detailed settings in the detailed content,Avoid mismatch,Hotels leak。Check the port configuration ONT,VLAN settings,Label settings,Multicast VLAN etc.,Once the leak with a mismatch,Quick hits。

See the table in a template (6) details

5、See ONT auto-discovery list(config-if-epon-0/1)#display have autofind 0

Function Description:In the initial configuration,You can use this command to quickly find access to the OLT ONT。

6、See all ONT equipment under an interface(config-if-epon-0/1)#have info display 0 all

Function Description:An interface to view a list of ONT,Quickly determine the status of ONT,Config state column should be normal fishes。In the details you can view the contents of a line profile and service profile of the ONT is bound,In order to find the problem when you can quickly hit。

View the current list (0) in an ONT (11) Details

7、See an ONT hardware capability information (0 11)(config-if-epon-0/1)#have display capability 0 11

Function Description:Command in front of "0" is the first port board,"11" 是 ONT-ID。Use this command to quickly access to the target's physical information ONT,To prevent write inconsistent with the actual content of the configuration。

8、See an ONT intrinsic interface vlan (native-vlan)(config-if-epon-0/1)#Port attribute display have 0 11 eth

Function Description:"0" is an interface board Dir,"11" is the id ont,Use this command to quickly exclude ONT native VLAN configuration error,Usually the native VLAN should correspond to the interface VLAN tag corresponding to the ONT,Otherwise, the network nowhere。

9、See an interface (0) under an ONT (11) of the flow of information(config-if-epon-0/1)#display have traffic 0 11

Function Description:Use this command to quickly determine the health status of ONT,Also based on lower-level keywordFor a single interface on the ONTView traffic,Very conducive to error hit!

10、See all current multicast users(config)#display igmp user all

Function Description:See all multicast users,You can quickly determine the status of the multicast;Detailed information can also verify whether the igmp version mismatch etc.。

For more information about a user (0/1/0/11) based on business Port View

11、See all multicast uplink(config)#display igmp uplink-port all

Function Description:See Multicast VLAN uplink and corresponding current settings, etc.

12、According to the service port view multicast packets Record(config)#display igmp statistic service-port 11

Function Description:This command is extremely important! Use this command to quickly view igmp sent and received packets,Thereby determining the direction Troubleshooting,Increase the hit rate!

13、According to the current IPTV multicast vlan to view program information(config)#display igmp program vlan 100

Function Description:Quick View under a multicast VLAN has been defined television program,And multicast address;For more information you can view the source IP

According to a set number to view the detailed program

14、View permissions for a multicast service port(config)#display igmp policy service-port 11

Function Description:Single use,But sometimes also useful。Only use is to see if this command has been configured!

15、View a service port of multicast vlan(config)#display igmp multicast-vlan member service-port 11

Function Description:Use this port to quickly locate service broadcasting VLAN!

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