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NBMAEarly in the CCNA to have contact,Only the name has no concept of,This may be said to be the fault of the translation,After all, the back of his translation did not add parentheses correspond to write about the English name ...... ah,At least not write the full name。So,If I do change itNon-Broadcast Multiple AccessWhen you know,Yes,NBMA is a non-broadcast multiple accessAbbreviation。

Stands fornon-broadcastmultipleaccess,MBA is the corresponding,Naturally, it is broadcastmultipleaccess,which isBroadcast Multiple Access,The term should be as early as the time of first contact FR learned。In Frame RelayThe default is to not send broadcast,OSPF,,These networks have a categorization,Such as NBMA (formally proposed as a network type of OSPF),For example, point to point,For example, virtual link, etc.。

In a later book, advanced directly say NBMA,In fact, non-broadcast multiple access,Simple to understand,Now the application is still in the frame relay。。。

Oh, right,Usually there is no MBA argument ha ~

Here are the original:

NBMA (non-broadcast multiple access)is one of four network types in the OSPF (Open Shortest Path First) communications protocol. NBMA is used to accurately model X.25 and frame relay environments in multiple-access networks where there are no intrinsic broadcast and multicast capabilities. The other OSPF network types are: broadcast, point-to-point, and point-to-multipoint. In an NBMA configuration, OSPF sends HELLO packets (packets sent periodically to establish and confirm neighbor relationships between routers) to each router one at a time rather than multicasting them. The HELLO timer (which tells the router how often to send HELLO packets) is extended from 10 to 30 seconds and the dead router timer (which tells the router how long to wait before it decides that a neighboring router is not functioning) is extended from 40 to 120 seconds.

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