What is the mDNS Multicast Multicast DNS DNS?

we all know DNS Probably is what,All correspondence between domain names and IP addresses must be relied on to translate,Like IP and Mac address this need ARP protocol as,In order to distinguish,We call this is called DNS uDNS,That isUnicast DNS

So,relatively,It is multicast (multicast) DNS,For Apple, it's osx,Multicast DNS is added to the inside as a function of the presence of bonjour,Its role is in no DNS environment which allows devices to communicate with each other in the same segment - sounds familiar, right,Windows Inside it has a similar feature called NetBIOS

but,This has been a very old NetBIOS,And inefficient,Multicast DNS is now widely supported,Including Linux Android iOS, also supported。

Apple's definition of mDNS

Apple's definition of mDNS


Multicast DNSmDNS) Is also working in IP level,It uses port 5353,Because it's just an extension of DNS,So it also determines that it is basically the same with them, and DNS。The difference is that it does not request DNS server,But broadcast in the LAN,All devices support multicast DNS will respond with its own domain name (ending a .local machine name),If you do not specify the name of the machine itself, or there is a conflict,Then the new equipment will continue to broadcast another name,Until the name is available,And is accepted by other devices。

To use it

Most systems concerned (except Windows) Multicast DNS is out of the box,Just put your local address changed to ".local" it。

For Windows devices,I'm afraid you need to install such systems among iTunes ~ related processes appear。

Such,Your computer will resolve domain names such as DNS to resolve the name of the local device,With very convenient。

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