Compile and install anti-pollution dnscrypt-wrapper build DNS server

All to known,I want to get them abroad towards LAN DNS information,Will certainly suffer keywordPollution。to this end,Some people thinkUse exception port,For example, instead of using 5353 as the current DNS dedicated port 53-- Girl Friend Wall Only 53 pollution;It was also thought of using a TCP connection request,Because DNS response mechanism参考 DHCPI decided itaccept[……]

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Digital Ocean Singapore room rate in San Francisco SGP1

If you ask most often play VPS owners recommended that service providers? I think in addition to the famous old Linode,The rest of the rookies Digital Ocean 。The rise in recent years, just vps service providers rely on the support of the United States is said to several consortia,Create a global SSD solid disc、Demand charges vps cloud services platform。


The main,still is[……]

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ShadowSocks build servers on vps


now,With gfw upgrade we need more and more scientific grounds Internet,But the most common VPN speed is getting slower and slower because of interference,For now,SS is a good alternative to。Now that you have your own vps,You may wish to use it to give yourself easily build a server SS。


Since the routing system is Ubuntu vps,I will be using the command on Ubuntu[……]

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On Ubuntu vps and other OS's seven-step build pptp protocol VPN

After getting a vps you may need to get a stable environment as soon as possible scientific,Method uses "earth move" and is a good choice (VPN)

Of course,Now we know everything Policy,GFW has now started to begin to interfere with VPN,So this is not based VPN pptp protocol of a long-term approach (which is a bit l2tp goods relative speed is faster in terms of speed)。

All right,In short,Based on the VP pptp[……]

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After purchasing a VPS you should spare security measures

2018On April 13 update,Add a link fail2ban Advanced Configuration Tutorial,Updated command。

Gerber drop-off site-wide migration to wills,As long as 15 yuan per month minimum,Support me consider myInvitation coderegistered,Gave $10 (Together 60 Multi-block RMB) discount! 😚

Recently purchased a vps route to learn ...... Yes! You read that right[……]

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