When SSH encounters "Write failed: Broken pipe”

When the management server using SSH,If you are a long time without having to log on,Then it is likely that awaits you is

"Write failed: Broken pipe”

Cause the cause of this error is the result of SSH link has been idle too long,So,SSH we need to change the default configuration to have it automatically turn off link。

In the SSH configuration,There are two commands to do this function,They are the

Both commands applications on the client,The latter application on the server,If you do not have administrator privileges,The former is a good choice。
These two features are the same,Send keep-alive packets are opened a function,This allows client/server sends a packet with a specific over time to the other,Once the timeout,You break,Close links。This avoids linking hangs for a long time causes error。And,Once again an error,A moment will be able to log in again。

In short,One of the two。

Our first server-side modifications:

Such,Has not received from the client when the server for 60 seconds keep-alive,Closes session。

Next is the client changes:

If you do not have server permissions,So this is a good choice--and,This approach also has an advanced method of using--set separately for a server idle time:

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