In macOS 10.11 Use BootCamp to install Windows on 10 Resolve partition error

Then suck everything for two!

Pioneer butt out,To be able to suck on it,I also spent a tremendous effort。- Why did so pit father does not support macOS it!

It is said that the virtual machine to install the watch even though it can enter the game pioneer but there will be a strange black blocks appear,The game can not。

In short,I spent five years macOS,The first reason finally installed dual system。

But had this Bootcamp Raiders no longer applicable,In El Captian in,U disk is no longer required to make Windows installation disk,But in the system tray automatically divide a temporary small partition,In short,We follow the system prompts to install,As long as ready for Windows 10 Iso image you can start dry。

Sometimes you really have to admire the quality of Apple's service network,It may be the only company able to achieve network quality, whether or not you are over the wall over the wall,Experience is the same company。

After a lengthy process to support file download,Finally start the installation,Then another long wait,then,It is being given。

The new installation procedure

In short,Before opening BootCamp,You should shut FileVault-- If you open the case - the installation finished, then you can still re-open。

Take a few minutes to turn off FileVault ,Then restart your Mac,Press and hold cmd + R,Let mac boot into recovery mode,Open Disk Utility in the inside ,Select your system disk first aid ,Complete repair disk permissions look like the problem,Then restart the system back to normal。

At this time ready for Windows 10 Iso image file,Open BootCamp,In accordance with normal procedure zoning - of course, still have to re-file support download again。

Then you can normally install Windows 10 The。

All right,On here:

"Watch Pioneer,Start managing watch! "

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