Why UNIX systems, such as the hidden directory to point at the beginning?

we all know,in Windows Hidden folders are invisible,They some system files,While others arevirus。If you have to display words,After warning system,You can be in the form of semi-transparent folder to see this folder,Systems in order to identify a folder is hidden,It has a "-s"Properties,Protected by the system。

So a lot of people are new to Linux、OSX,I will not get used,Because these operating systems are hidden filesBeginning with pointTo mark the,The names of these directories are not even in Windows used to name the folder!

of course,If it is a good name in advance of,Then it can be copied and pasted into Windows,,Ok,You can also access the,Not just hidden - Well acclimatized,Otherwise you howAlways able to see the U disk out of the Rideau wonderful directory on OSXIt?

Then,Why OSX、Linux To use the hidden files and directories of this wonderful method it? ! Like Windows,Directly to a "hidden" attribute,We make a hook these days?

In fact,This long-standing problem。

Like Linux, naming each directory as,This form of hidden file name is historic:It comes from a command bug.

Long before,Linux and other operating systems do not have a graphical interface,The command line if we want to see a directory,You need to use the command ls(Because UNIX-like operating systems have relatively better Windows permission mechanism,Touches and less need by hiding way to protect files and directories)

we all know,In the command line regardless of which directory,There are always two eternal presence directory,That is point and Little

A dot represents the current directory,Two points on behalf of the parent directory,So we will use the change directory command(cd)By switching to two points to represent the higher(Windows is in "Improvement”)

This is a point that would generally useless - or little significance,So ls default does not display the directory,That hide thispoint,Leaving onlyLittle

But there is always a directory of several files, but usually do not have to exist (For example, directory profile configuration and the like),You can hide these days?(Someone finally issued a hidden demand!)

Later it was discovered ls command has a bug,allThe name seems to begin with a dot will not be displayedAh!

Therefore, such a method of hiding files spread to two opinions - Today,bug into a feature


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