Windows automatically maintained kill 8!

Windows 8 will automatically set the so-called maintenance time and free time,This allows even installed in a virtual machine using Windows 8, I can not stand。

Always quick fan blew up,This is sometimes used battery run books for me as people really bear in mind one。

In fact, I think,This is the background quietly perform maintenance or housekeeping so-called medical system 360,By the way do not tell you finished Bale scores。

So,I decided to get rid of decisive Hell。

A total of two methods,One is to get rid directory,Such planning task was Kacha out;Another is to delete the corresponding task,This naturally does not start maintenance。

C:\Windows System32 Tasks Microsoft Windows directory,A man named defrag folder,Changed its name on it! (It can be said to be backing off?)

Right-click on My Computer,Select Management,Most below to find Task Scheduler in the left column,Then find Microsoft Windows TaskScheduler

Then disable disabled
Idle Maintenance
Regular Maintenance



Quietly tell you,I have two engage in a,Hey

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