iOS 9 IPhone Configuration Surge use Shadowsocks achieve global science Internet

Since the iPhone update iOS 9,Update SDK also updated a number of new API,That we have such a powerful development tool Surge。

It can intercept all the traffic of your iPhone,Including cellular networks and WiFi! and so,Surge Global http proxy support iPhone,https proxy,sock5 Agent。

As for[……]

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ShadowSocks build servers on vps


now,With gfw upgrade we need more and more scientific grounds Internet,But the most common VPN speed is getting slower and slower because of interference,For now,SS is a good alternative to。Now that you have your own vps,You may wish to use it to give yourself easily build a server SS。


Since the routing system is Ubuntu vps,I will be using the command on Ubuntu[……]

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Brush OpenWRT routers use a transparent proxy ShadowSocks Advanced Configuration

Speaking on how the articleInstall SHADOWSOCKS on OPENWRT to use transparent proxy + DNS poisoning,But finished only configuration orThere are many drawbacksof。

For example, the block list is dead,The ever-changing Internet content,I'm afraid you could not pass a list of a few weeks out of date;

For example, software updates,You can not always bother to manually upload,scp ...... blah blah blah ......[……]

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Brush OpenWRT router installation shadowsocks to use transparent proxy + DNS poisoning

Previous articleRouting introducedHow to open a double-wan bandwidth superimposed on OpenWRT,This is also the students brushOpenWRTThe most common requirement,Then,Is there any way to increase the way itTransparent Proxyfunctions?

Now that the router has to brush up on the third-party firmware OpenWRT,That certainly is a possible wireless。

Agent types

Today in our common species among agents,Most calendar[……]

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