networkmanager can not manage the network and prompt "unmanaged network devices."

Unmanaged devices

Unmanaged devices

Using the Linux desktop system time,Many of my friends will encounter network manager prompts "Device unmanaged" situation。


In this case, the network can access the Internet,But the network manager - general nature is hard to force the Network Manager,But life and death does not display state。

In fact,at this time,The system uses another set of network management scheme,And this program,Can not coexist with NetworkManager - in fact,Only a set of network management solutions can be executed,And can not run multiple simultaneous,Otherwise it will conflict。

Now,Luzhu to teach you how to switch back (NetworkManager from /etc/network/interfaces(/etc/init.d/networking) program)。

Now,Into the / etc / NetworkManager directory,Find NetworkManager profile,This file should be a text document to the end of the .conf,As the name might be NetworkManager.conf ......,It may be nm-system-settings.conf,or other,It depends on your Linux distribution is Ubuntu ...... or debian or redhat or centos ..................

In short,Find it,EDITORS ',The change true to false。

correct,Do not forget to root privileges。

At last,We look for the reasons for it:

Linux there are two solutions for managing network connections:

Two options are in conflict,Can not coexist。
The first scheme did not apply to the X environment,Such as:server;Or completely no need to change connecting those occasions。
Second program has used in the desktop environment,Especially notebook,Moved around,Network connection at any time will become。

Two of them in order to avoid conflict,Can share configuration,There is the following solutions:
1、When Network-Manager discovery / etc / network / interfaces to be altered when,Then turns itself off (displayed as unmanaged),Unless managed set to true。
2、When set to true managed,/etc/network/interfaces,Not take effect。



From the above explanationHere


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