vSphere storage using NFS do not use the thin-provisioned reasons

invSphere 5.5in,NFS is enabled by default in theThin Provisioning,The official said the document is very clear,but,During the experiment, the Luzhu has encountered such a problem:That is in any case can not be enabled on the virtual machine Thin Provisioning NFS storage。

Actually,inweb clientAbout disk provisioning on this one is simply gray (Thin Provisioning and not selectable default),After you finish creating the virtual machine,But as "Thick Provision zero"mode。

Luzhu online search found a lot of people seem to be having this problem does not much ...... but eventually found the reason。

May be usedWindows Server 2012 R2Very few people do it the NFS server,Luzhu is the least because of the number of devices and lazy,I used this,The result is used2012Open NFS does not support thin provisioningof……

so ...... consoled yourself,Thick provisioning zero is the most efficient use of the best ......


Other,Make up about VMware provisioning profile type it:

1、Thick Provision Lazy zero (zeroed thick)

Default thick format to create a virtual disk。The process of creating the space required for the virtual disk is allocated。It does not erase any data on the physical device when you create a reservation,But when would later write from the virtual machine for the first time as needed to zero。

Simply put, space is allocated immediately specified size,Empty space in the data temporarily,After emptying Demand。

2、Thick provisioned zero (eager zeroed thick)

To create a support cluster features (such as FaultTolerance) thick disk。When you create a space for the virtual disk allocation required。In contrast to the flat format,During the creation of retained data on the physical device is set to zero。The time required to create disks in this format may be longer than to create other types of disks。

Simply put, space is allocated immediately specified size,And all the data within the empty space。

3、Thin Provisioning (thin)

Use the thin provisioned format。the first,Thin-provisioned disk uses only the initial disk space required for data storage。If the thin disk needs more space,It can grow to a maximum capacity allocated。

Simply means that the specified maximum growth for the disk file space,Need to grow, they can check whether the over quota。

At last,Luzhu storage will total 200G,To play more point of the virtual machine in addition to open space but also how to do it? In fact, there are other ways of,A typical approach is to open NTFS compression and deduplication these two functions,Although it will occupy part of the CPU,Saying,This server itself is not doing that it。。。

As for how to open these two functions,Next time we say:)

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