vMotion fails with the error: remote host IP_Address failed with status Busy (1031636)

I was doing a clustervMotionI encountered this error,He said there has beenGeneral system errorUnable toCertainVirtual machine migration toCertainHost computer。Probably the error is as follows Jiangzi

Screenshot 2013-12-22 3.41.13 PM

I found everyone in the country seems to have not encountered this problem =。=! I met wonderful good,So write it,In? VM official website where there is this one KB,I found it,But this error occurs in older versions of ESX and ESXi ah,depressed。but,The solution is to make good,I would simply translate in lower,You make do see it!



The following reasons may cause this problem:

  • Since ESX4.1 and earlier versions of ESX swap file is slightly different SWAP;
  • When performing vMotion host swap file (.vswp) stored on NFS storage (=。= Saying I really drive a NFS)。



This problem ESX / ESXi 4.1 Update 2 and ESXi 5.0 It has been resolved -

If you do not want to upgrade ...... (I have used a 5.5 Okay)

Change settings:

  1. Run the vSphere Client and log in to your vCenter Server. (5.5 ha on the Web Client);
  2. Select the source ESX host and go to the Settings tab (Web Client in the corresponding host under "management"Tab in the"Set up"Option Cary);
  3. Click Software – advanced settings – Migration (select "system"Menu in the"Advanced system settings”);
  4. During the migration option in,turn upMigrate.VMotionResolveSwapType The default should be1.00
  5. Change the value0.00
  6. Click OK;
  7. Repeat steps 2-6 on the target host。


Simple translation,In the originalHere:)

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