It can automatically recommend a summary intercept plugin WP-UTF8-Excerpt

Plug-ins Introduction:

WordPress comes digest function only supports Western characters,WordPress plug-ins or other summary was bad for Chinese support,Easily garbled;Either the original removed all formats,Leaving only bare text。This plug-in is a summary of plug-ins for Chinese,You can set whether to preserve the formatting tags article,Such as font、Colour、link、Pictures。

main feature:

1,Support for multi-byte languages ​​(such as Chinese),Does not produce garbled。

2,Abstract retain formatting tags article,Such as font、Colour、link、Pictures, etc. (the need to retain the tag can be set in the background)。

3,Home display 300 characters per article,Each article archive page displaying 150 words (words can be set)。Word here is valid words in real text,Words do not include various HTML tags。

Route Evaluation:

Although this plug-in has not been updated for two years,But even now it is for the latest version of WordPress 4.0,Still good work,Very rare。

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