Avoid WordPress being used as a reflection amplification attack

Before I wrote an article,Use fail2ban Bind9 be used to prevent DNS amplification attacks,Never imagined,original Wordpress It can also be used for amplification attacks,The principle is its Pingback mechanism。

Pingback is a tool for notifying each other of a Wordpress website,For example, A blog refers to a B blog[……]

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Disable WordPress inside Emoji static

Now Wordpress stand by emoticon The,But supportive manner somewhat ...... 2,Yes,To make it more browsers and platforms can display Emoji expression,Emoji expression will automatically be converted to static images face。

Then in order to expand? In short it again this static mapping image edition bag on a face to go public library is the callback ......,Wordpress domain:[……]

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WordPress Forgot your password message "Sorry,The key appears to be invalid. "

The new registration process has changed Wordpress,It does not require users to enter their own password to apply for registration,But in turn sent to the user's mailbox password recovery link。

This has the advantage of avoiding some of the security risks associated with the mailbox but also the way。but,This has been further requirements for building Wordpress bloggers these technologies,such as:

You need to configure their own mailbox - if you do not provide space Post[……]

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WordPress Chinese users to upgrade 4.3 Backstage after the problem is solved

In the previous article in which I Tucao own stupidity,But then I successfully solved the problem。

Now look at how to do it


First Symptoms,Chinese version of Wordpress (especially upgrading from an older version all the way up) users to upgrade to 4.3 You may encounter backstage after the editor can not switch the "Visualization" and "text" mode,"Add Media" button is disabled,Code highlighting plug[……]

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WordPress updated! 4.3 Billie

Luckily the first time more 4.3,Editor finally native support for pseudo markdown

The first support icon Set the entry

Edit menu when finally able to instantly display

New users can then automatically create strong passwords


I want to say ............ background enhancements and code highlighting that this is no trouble even ah! ! ! !?

Start tragedy

Last night the night[……]

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WordPress Editor to increase the Chinese font TinyMCE Advanced plugin

WordPress is a very popular blog system,The advantage is to be used to make full-featured CMS ......

But the disadvantage Well,May be too simple editor is one of the background。

Although it supports the Chinese do very well,But for this one editor,I am afraid it is not so tough。For example, not criticized for our common font options,Nor can you change the text size,Instead, it is the title Ratings,Make[……]

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How to fix missing updated class issue in WordPress

In your WordPress updated articles were added to the label is a good choice,So you can be notified to search engines when your article is the updated。Other,Today, search engines and the latest number of the recently updated content ratings as one of the items,Then add your WordPress articles which updated the label becomes necessary。

Structured Data[……]

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WordPress how to use pseudo-static open the CNAME CDN ​​acceleration

Some time ago,Off the grid has been to use WP Super Cache's CDN functionality with seven cattle do CDN cache acceleration,Use good。Wandering off the grid has been using space provided by the host,Now four years,Space also moved from the west coast of Hong Kong,Now wandering out of their own CDN service,of course,Just internal use,But I was the first time joined the。

but,And those sites provide external di[……]

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