The shadow CSS property box-shadow

Types of

box-shadow:CSS3 standard attributes,May be separated by commas more shadow attributes
-moz-box-shadow:Early Firefox for displaying the shadow properties
-webkit-box-shadow:Early Chrome、Safari to display the shadow properties






For now the mainstream browsers,For example FF4.0 +、Chrome10.0+、Opera10.5+、Safari5.1+、IE9.0+,AllDirect SupportCSS3 standard attributesbox-shadow

But if you want an early version supports such Firefox4.0 previous shadow,So you want to use the property -moz-box-shadow,This is an early FF own custom CSS properties。

Another example is less than 10.0 or less than 5.1 Safari Chrome will use -webkit-box-shadow property,Otherwise, it will not see the shadows。

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