R0uter Input Tool:I will buy the APP,But I do not want to GG

Article was originally titled "If this input method no longer able to make ends meet me,I went home to sell sweet potatoes. "

People say you want to sell a good App,Gotta equipped with a moving story,Last year, in an interviewIf no one buys the next month my App,I have to GGTie the hearts of many people - accidentally said a big truth,Many people find it difficult to accept this reality。- people are moving to the,Is the angle seems a little problem hhh

I do not want to accept this reality - but the reality is this,Larry user market even smaller than I expected a little bit,Just two years,Downloads pocketed input method had been about to make me a gg,But from another point of view to think,Not everyone made a promising industry, "input method",Also not optimistic about the implementation of an owner's behavior "charge",I also made everyone think I'm a crazy decision - a full-time independent development - until now,I may be a miracle their eyes (maybe also wonderful)。

After doing independent development I also did some other app,Some even recommend the App Store,On the home page。But the bulk of the final revenue or fall on this input method - who told it to sell the most expensive it? 🤷♂️

Turning point

well known,Pocketed input method has always been a one-time buyout,Later turned into internal buy-off,This occurred in the middle of one thing - a treasure of piracy。A treasure too much piracy,The beginning of the store is still very polite piracy,I went down to help me contact。I even chatted with them was also very happy,Some shops are taking advantage of my promotional code Tuen,I even said,I recognize this behavior,After all, it is to pay for the。

> At that time also the treasurer of a shop and I joked,This app you,Up to now did not sell much,Lose it。

Later, piracy becomes more,There is a shared account to shop 3 Cents of the price of sold out more than one hundred,Communication is the result of "complaints you go."。I feel helpless,So I simply changed within angrily purchased。

Insourcing model has a good,It is to support the trial,But there are also a bad,Old users migrate not very well - I overestimated Apple's servers,Also overestimated user behavior,Many users multiple accounts for the use,The result is very difficult to identify the program (not that delay on the network)。

Start tragedy

You think that survived the wave of migration is no problem? Take clothes! Pocketed input method is a niche product,But as the buyout business model,I must find a way to broaden the user base,Constantly attracting new users can,It also led me into buying one of the reasons free + in the off - but in fact,Conversion rate is not high within the available,Coupled with no discount in the purchase of the passive and the effects of price monitoring platform,But make the situation worse。- not to mention the price cut by half。

no way,Along the way we learn the tricks not working,A price drop before the moment of the whole platform can be pushed out,Although the old users will feel the pain,But the exposure is real,As an independent developer a too weak you do not necessarily super capital to refresh the ad is not? Give up this coup,Now a possible discount was found after one week。

> You can not take the popular search cheap route niche applications,Because this app is dead。

Lift me up I can send

Than I am in a hurry,It is that in a number of user groups are active users,They also impatient than I am,New user increments less,Old user did not want to support the wave of opportunities。

> From the beginning to the present,Users have been saying:"My brother purchased within you open a donation we'll buy it。”

My final thought,Pure money to purchase within the boring (though does have to do so and they are many),Not as good as I'll have been a small number of users like but I do not want to do it alone selling feature - so colorful package so born。But the effect is not ideal,Support of many people,But the price of a few dollars,Plus behind ¥ 25 dollars,Expansion pack heat quickly dropped,You can give yourself a cool。

> correct,Pocketed input method can therefore also joked, led by a krypton gold input method。

Do a one expansion pack? That should not apply again and again a orange card? ? Ok,this road,Did not go so well - I can not stand。

Pocketed input X

This will certainly be done letting go,I've thought about a lot of direction。Even want,Or simply lamb once again change the business model,Directly to subscribe? - This is the time to turn off the grid input subscribe rumors。Actually I did not decide things。

> When you know it's time,In fact, I've started off the grid in the X Input Method。

I carefully analyzed the development process pocketed input method,To carry out an iterative update rate levels to points in the app to the App Store,That I must be the highest frequency that a group of。

> I won achievements:Update too frequently resulting in user mail abuse me "cnm update nmb more!"

This update frequency combined with efficient after-sales,To tell the truth I really powerless。No time to pondering promotion,There is no time to engage in activities,Every day is more more more,Some users like features,Some features users hate,Finally formed a special atmosphere - plus a per function,It comes with a function switch ...... old and new users are one-time payment,At this time it is hard to say clearly what is the price of new features。So save a large version released a year is the norm in the software market - but this model is clearly not right for me。

New business models

The last look back,What pocketed input of people like that? Its existing features? if,Why everyone is so hungry updated with new features? if not,Why pocketed input method say they will no longer add new features to a complete collapse?

> Two three-point line in real life too boring,Probably the only pleasure is to update the app every day with a look at what it adds new features。

So,I finally want to understand,What you like it - is that we can not "play" it,A complex pattern of new features,A variety of custom preferences,Change to change freshness。So,This will bring it might charge。

I pocketed the basic functions of the X input method is open free,On the one hand there is a little selfish,This avoids some of the potential disputes between users,The other is that this part I do not need to spend much time maintained,Because after two years of development kernel,After the reconstruction has been relatively stable (you can understand significantly reduce production costs),I put [itself] as custom fees,That is,If you're like me,I do not care about those "tricks",I wanted to play comfortably words with Larry,In fact pocketed the input method on X like you (like me) who,[] It is completely free! --Oh, right,For students need fuzzy sound bonus,This feature is free。

> At that time closed beta group have bombed,You do not say money functions are free and open you crazy?

So what is the charge? What are the other charges (fog)。

App Store, it was assessed that "the authors want to make money like crazy,Key shock for such a basic function (switch) have to pay to use. ",Yes,This feature requires pay to [Close],But the function itself is free for you。Here I use a very new perspective,Pocketed input X Not the code as a productTo sell,Well, ISales is to update and maintain(Especially the futurenew functionDevelopment),These features,Some people like some people do not like,Want [Custom],Then the charges,You want to open Ye,I want to shut worth mentioning,This is the fundamental charge。

Subscribe to have a good,As used with the open,The day that you play tired of those functions,Unsubscribe as normal with normal typing。Someday I developed a new interesting features you interested,And then set him a month to continue playing。 If the word to describe this tall to use a business model,Probably called -UaaS ? Update as a service (I made it up)

The so-called niche

When I go back to re-examine their own choices,A small minority of input method,Eventually he went out of his way to go from a public route,Want to rely on to get the demographic dividend income is simply wishful thinking。As [a man],In fact, if they really want to do,Very difficult,Fun for a whole company of a person's duties,Almost vomit blood!

I said Larry market is Blue Ocean,Virtually every user is a potential spelling Larry user。Some students have felt,Larry is not iOS built-in input method is off the grid winter,My view has not changed:In fact, this is for meGood deed,This increases the probability that the user change the spelling to Larry,Reducing the threshold of the contacts on iOS Shuangpin。but--You see bad "but" appeared- [minority] really is not the word to talk about,Now you know why manufacturers do not want to do this at the top semi-detached even a little effort, right? Because marketing is too slow! So we see,Sales pocketed input method eventually drop,Slowly stabilize at a relatively low level - new users are willing to pay Larry is still there,But this growth can not meet my living expenses。

A man on my own,I do not know of these years to open the market,A few years ago is still relatively popular "elitist",Probably saying we should do massive demographic dividend filter,Only a small number of high-quality customer service inside (20% of theory),And Larry is inherently small minority it has done for me this filter,So I have to consider the provision of high quality services to a small number of users (commonly known as the rich earn money) a。

But at the same time reducing the barrier to entry itself Larry - because the underlying feature is free of charge。

Double,Needless to say

Select the subscription model is recommended by almost all big brother,But in the country,It is still a risky move step,What can not do,It depends on the market and the test of time。Now third-party input method iOS platform gradually addition of up,Larry also supports many input method,Since I can not do so a fire Larry user manual,Then do the best (expensive) Shuangpin input bar。

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  1. Already an old user of Pocketed, be regarded as,I just bought it on iOS,The classic version is used up to now (because it is enough,And I don’t like the subscription system too much),I bought the last and second generations of mac,Still in use now,These are Pocketed mac2 hand-playing。Although I also hope that there is a buyout version of x,But it feels unlikely,The buyout version now may offend the old users who have subscribed.。However, there is a small suggestion that is not clear if the author is still interested in changing the vibration on the classic version.,The current vibration feedback is a bit too much compared with other input methods...emm is strong,The principle may be different?

    1. Haha,Thank you for your support。It’s really not possible to buy out this at the moment... But there is really no way about the vibration.,iOS 13 began to change the vibration you like to the one that requires full access permissions to call,Otherwise, you can only use the old, uncomfortable version,I am also very helpless。
      For this,I have discussed with you many times in the group,……🌚Finally comes out a drop grid input method X. test Flight,In this tf, you can give full access,Then apply that perfect vibration engine...

      🙄I guess Apple is afraid that users will affect the life of the vibrating motor in this way?

  2. “I am using the mac version of the drop grid input method”.This passage was typed out using Sogou.

    Because of the drop grid input method “I'm here” I can't type two words. wozd

    It may be because I am using the free version…99Block is a bit expensive.

    The author keeps up.

  3. Come support what the chiefs,Independent developers is not easy,This is especially the domestic copyright awareness is not a sound environment。

  4. Can you provide a one-time buyout of it? The key is how you promote capacity,I was a small series,Before contacted you,You want to promote cooperation once

  5. That you just sell your point,I do not like the feeling of subscription. Gone a little possessive,You rent an apartment and buy a house with the same

    1. My opinion is the same as Presbyterian,Does not support you,X do not you just sell off the grid a little expensive,Do not subscribe,I do not like to rent。

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