Software under my luck elsewhere,Why should I pay?

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A few days ago off the grid when the input method and X in various media collaborated hair code engaging in activities,Unexpectedly, we share Apple ID and a number of public platform for cooperation,Send out a wave of lottery activities code。

"Forefoot says he was forced to change the business model of piracy problems,I ran back foot and made pirated software micro-channel public number Cooperative Extension,He is simply playing to his face。”

Eventually, after one day I discovered this fact,Then the first time we withdraw the draft,The event canceled。

Let this thing [account] shared this act itself also mentioned the matter on the table。So take this opportunity,We have to talk about piracy and sharing accounts。

Piracy is Gesha

Speaking of the shared Apple ID,First, it will inevitably say piracy,Piracy this behavior before the advent of the Internet has existed,The most typical arguably books。

a book,Authors write sales,There is royalty royalties,Pirated booksellers sell their own reprint this book,They do not give a penny of,So the cost is very low,Huge profits,Readers places a very low price to buy a relatively poor quality of the book - butContent is the same。The results we have to buy so cheap and basically read a pirated book,Co-publisher of the book not only to pay for the material itself,Also drawn into to the author,Genuine one will buy an expensive book,So, there is no income,Author starve to death in the ignorant in force - "obviously my book sells well,Why is my royalties so little ...... "

In fact the author will not starve to death,After all, this book thing is a real body,Poor quality pirated books,Blurs missing pages and so the quality can not be guaranteed,Although the price is cheap,But not for reading or repeatedly Collection,So I will still go to buy legal copies of books - but,There are also some more advanced pirated books,Price and even better quality than the genuine short ......,You go to buy this book,If not authorized channels of cooperation,So regardless of the price of the book more expensive,How good quality,What a positive channels,Not really support your favorite authors。

From this example it can make you feel [about piracy] is exactly how to bring harm or even kill the creator creators,Next we talk about piracy on software。

Just crack a form of piracy

Rising to a virtual part,Such as software,It is not so easy to distinguish the,Because some companies dictates,You may even think that the software itself is free of charge。Software developers also need labor costs,You can not be free to use,Think about it,It was created by the labor value,You got it for free,This is the middleWho paid for the inevitable

For billing software、Independent software,,Obviously, this is not the person who paid the user,That is the development of this himself。Independent developers thanks to their own,To distribute sales promotion operations from the development of the software itself,Eventually you got it for free,For example, the software sold 100 yuan,You do not pay,Then the developer is bound to pay you - that white,Is losing money。

There are books and not the same as the actual carrier,Regardless of the software through the "few hands",It will not wear,No more will not obscure the "missing page",Redistribution Software little cost。

You get a free and a fee to use the software,Whether get free technical cracked version from the crack team Hao,Purchased or acquired a treasure worth mentioning spend a few cents a share from Apple ID,In fact, this is the use of "piracy",Even if you give this a crack team treasure shop or pay expensive fees,These costs will not flow back into the hands of developers,And above that of the same ignorant of force,Software developers can also look ignorant forced to starve to death,Before his death he was thinking - "Why is my software so the fire,But I just can not receive money ...... "

Share Authorization is another form of piracy

I bought a book,I share it with my friends to read,This is piracy yet?

This is certainly not piracy,Because there is a carrier of books,Your friend gave you the book,You gone this book。You also read your friends,You have a book,He was not any。You want to feel enough friends to read,Maybe he would have themselves to buy - if you do not buy,He did not read。

Our books is certainly not the hundreds of sheets of paper,It is the contents of the book,However, the carrier is paper。

These software virtual goods with different physical goods,It does not support,You can easily copy 100 copies and distribute them to another hundred people,Your hand still has all the code of the software。So,Our developers selling a "right to use" the software,We "authorization" You use this software。But this "authorization" is essentially a virtual,Like you can redistribute them,So,In addition hundred people can get both software,And authorized,They do not need to pay,Because they are used in your copy of the authorization。

So,For developers in terms of,He sold only a,But in fact he should be the income of a hundred and income,Developers work has been far less than the revenue in return pay,The final project ceased operations。But for you,Put your "authorization code" to copy and paste to other users,Then it is a simple enough thing。

Apple ID and password to send to others,Perhaps better than copy and paste "authorization code" much more difficult。

Free software so much,Why should you charge?

We said above software itself can not be sold as property,We sell "authorized"。Like the relationship between books and content,There are no books not content,There is no content books can not be sold - because the software is virtual,It almost zero distribution costs,Do not authorize encryption software,Every minute it was someone else beat away a redistribution。So,You use a piece of software,It must be to pay licensing fees。

- "But why is there so much I download the software free of charge to use it?"

A free software licensing fees to get it from where? in other words,Where it gets revenue from? Here we briefly mention two typical modes:

  • Advertisers
    Advertising revenue is a good way,You are free to use the software at the same time,Has been virtually to advertisers create value (for example, click to watch the ad or subconsciously),Advertisers With this software know what you like,Willing to buy something,So advertisers are willing to pay license fees for you;
  • Your private data
    Privacy trafficking almost an open secret,You go to the bank to open an account today,Not to sell advertising tomorrow has scored your phone - you download a free software,Your use behaviors are used to train the model、Your user data is acquired and brought it to others to do the recommended base、Your account、Mailbox、telephone number、Shipping address, etc. can also be used to sell to third-party providers of social engineering analysis of these ......,Comparable to that of hundreds of pieces "license fee" to the more valuable - although these things in your hands even when there is no concept of the value of,But you do pay a license fee to use them。

Always have to pay licensing fees,Either you,Either the developers themselves。

As an independent developer,Or a small development team,These people can not afford、Also there are not enough users to use the channel as realizable,So focus on providing software features,And the actual function of charges is very straightforward thing,If you still use large commercial independent software routines to look at these,That is bound to feel that selling such expensive software licensing fees is difficult to understand things。

And software piracy battle of wits

All software can be cracked,Like the door can always be "on" the same,Difference is the length of time。As an independent developer,We did not have a dedicated technical team as big business (in fact legal team),Personal time and energy is limited,If the limited time and energy on increasing the difficulty of crack on,Then the software itself is updated iteration can not be guaranteed,If the features are focused on identifying piracy,In turn will bring more troubles genuine users。

The more secure locks,Open the door of the complexity of the higher,Maintenance difficult becomes,It might also be more prone to problems。

In fact, to share their own account to a trusted friend this matter is understandable,After all, some people even credit cards use the same will lend a friend,But you put your account common share to ten one hundred individuals,This is equivalent to a large-scale pirates。Your Apple ID is "purchased",In fact, the equivalent of "authorization" have purchased software,You put the number of people authorized share,Then the corresponding developer on how much potentially lost revenue,Whenever you really like this developer,Software like this,Developers will be able to get through the channels of revenue purchase authorization。

But if you do not like this software or think it's not worth the price paid developers,Then you can go to find other cheap or even free alternatives,Instead of buying a shared account to continue using it,It should not seek free after-sales help to developers in the face of challenges。

Like the book, like,If you do not buy,Do not watch。

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  1. There are several free software way of life:

    * For ideal、Freedom and well-being of all mankind development
    * Developer or company for their own use and development,Then share out,We want to promote their own brand,Others report problems obtaining and code contributions
    * Government and research institutions for their own development purposes
    * Weakening commercial version of the company provided free of charge for promotion,Selling additional services and advanced features
    * Commercial companies to give up maintenance,Transferred to the community of users and maintenance

    In fact, some additional software is allowed to let other people use:It does not matter how many installation,How many people can use,It only cares if used simultaneously in several instances in the range of authorized。

    In addition to some billing software,Some users do not have the right payment options,So we had to use pirated。Case is not paid channels,Another case is very strong so it is very expensive software,However, users may only use once or twice a year or two,Buy too uneconomical。

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