? Double,Non-stop fight。→ 落 格 输入 法 macOS 版,Official last!?

Excellent input method,We came another excellent platform!

Although it lacks many features,But I can not wait to share these good things to you,He pocketed finally embarked on the input method macOS,over the years,Enter Larry is a nightmare in macOS,Now,This nightmare can end up。

In addition to incomplete abandoned pit I do not know when it can not be used palms input method for Mac、An outer substantially non-professionals can not be input with the Rime,You have one more choice,Pocketed input macOS version

Ins and Outs of six months,Construction of pure Swift,I have given up four times,I finally succeeded with Swift 4 And seven-year old successful docking framework,Now,You can use Wubi on macOS、By Larry、Zheng code ...... with all the input method you want to use a favorite,There is no problem!

Pocketed input so faronlyA support on macOSSecondary bis direct secondary codeInput method,Even more unusual is,It is a secondary code part independent - yes,You are free to import and use any direct auxiliary code code table your own design,Whether it is with a five-stroke type to filter,Or with a professional calf auxiliary code,Easy to use natural or secondary code symbol,Or is it easy to get started in March auxiliary code,Choices are worth trying,Since then, the selected word thing of the past、Since then homonyms typo thing of the past。


And systems consistent primary candidate block,Is more than the original native,Nothing wrong!

From excellent,Only a minority of people proud,We can now be more proud。

NowDownloads and trialsR0uter Input Tool,You can try all the features of time up to seven days prior to purchase,After the trial period you can still continue to use pocketed input method,of course,It does not read any configuration it wants to continue。

Pay for security and privacy,It is a matter of pride。 - input pocketed

Another:Pocketed input method software system developed by my personal independence,Use and purchase pocketed input method, you agree pocketed input method will adjust the price based on my marketing strategies and living conditions in the days ahead;The same time,Department of required code table,Pocketed input method can not use a crane Shuangpin,This includes its code table、Program code and a secondary,Please use the corresponding user program must not buy,Be sure not to break off the grid input method to use its code table。

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  1. I am a black Apple,10.12system,I do not know why,After installing the first program is selected from Stork collapse flash back Larry,Then, after a few tries it,But it has to play no words of,Set inside the status bar icon input method has become not the gray point,do not know why

  2. ios mac are falling into the grid。Silently waiting win version! ! ! Not easy to win the Larry input method,Good catch Jia ~~ usual office can not do without win。

    1. You can afford to burden,I want to get this activity is to help students who want to use off the grid input method and not enough economic capacity,If you feel you compare the status quo distress,Then I'll buy you。Ah ...... like Dr. Master even if the bar ..............................

  3. Hello there,
    I plan to buy a mac version,But by paypal payment failure,Because my paypal currency other than dollars,After converting the site into Australian dollars I would pay by paypal on the tips expired。

    Will there any other way to pay for?

    Thank you

  4. Just I saw your interview on the web,Although I do not know to write code,Read the article to find many,Many developers are also spent a long time in the preparation of the program of brains (he is brain-eye look dim),Developers are prepared for each program admire,Thank you also for the benefit of everyone in the freezing point。 Mac version I think I decided to buy,Regardless of the size of the amount,Hope this is for developers is a respect and encouragement。

  5. Well ...... I was using,Feel particularly good,Especially when the English press shift handover of the chart so sweet。

    When did support TouchBar like a ~

    1. Months there will be a new version,You want these have a,Update log specific changes venue:https://v2mm.tech/topic/976/ pocketed input -macos version - development log

    1. According to its author asks,Pocketed input method can not use a crane Larry,If you have not accidentally buy,By purchasing the full amount the customer service channel platform, please refund。

  6. On ios on the purchase of pocketed input method,His secondary code is very fond of,Now can not be used Kotsuru,Really disappointed! Toss the mouse must have been a pipe!

    1. It is,I feel so too,iOS also sell your death so,Problem ejection of the card is not to solve a number of feedback。Rime is a good choice,Configured considerable God! Refuel。

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