Iso image written in the mac

Loading system is a very common thing,Think about it for so many years since I have to save myself invisible in how much money XD

In short,Written on the windows, such as CD-ROM image will be easier (actually more difficult),Since many years because I always spare some common tools,In the mac,It is more tragedy,Not even a really easy to use 100% of CD image writing tool。

In fact,macos a unix,It does not require third-party tools can also get,You can use the well-known dd。This trick works even linux。

First in the Disk Utility in your U disk formatted for MS-DOS(FAT) format,Remember that partition select U disk U disk rather than below the,U disk completely erased after the new partition will automatically mount,This time you need to select the new partition,In Disk Utility to uninstall it - be careful not to have the entire U disk uninstalled。

This time you should not have to see on the desktop U disk,But in the Disk Utility can still be seen,So that it can execute the next step。

Open a terminal,enter sudo his Chicken and password to enter user mode,Be careful with your every step,Do not wrong,Otherwise finished haha。

First to see all your disk partitions on the computer after entering,Use the command diskutil list ,The results something like this,But you may partition on the computer than I am less:

In short,We find that the bottom smallest capacity (8.1GB) should be the target U disk!,See it on the right side IDENTIFIER ,here is disc4 ,You have to remember this,This one will be written in。

Use the command dd if=<iso> of=/dev/disc4 bs=8192 To brush mirror:

The whole process does not wait for the show,Once the,The above is like a,U disk can not be written and read at the normal loading of the win or mac,But it does not matter,Anyway, you can guide the use XD

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    1. =。= Forget to sync the freebsd .............................. I used dd to write on the line,ubuntu will not work,crucial moment,We have to win + floppy disk through ......

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