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On OS X,There is always a lot of friends because of various reasons,For example, the dual system,For example, change the SSD, etc., etc.,The system will reluctantly comes with Recovery HD comes with this system rescue mode deleted - I do not think that anyone is simply to 650M of disk space and delete it, right =。= Short,While the system can use cmd + r networking at boot time to download,But at the crucial moment,Still very very inconvenient,Not to mention the U disk to do a system disk so the ......,Today, we teach a method of routing,BaseSystem image can be extracted using the Recovery HD from the system tray OS X,And writes it to the current system which。That rebuilding removed the Recovery HD。

Another:Open the "Find My Mac" feature requires Recovery HD。
Then another:According to the present tutorial reconstruction Recovery HD will draw 650M of disk space in your current system disk to use behind,At all events,This is a certain risk,Please think twice。If you know about the Mac and not very confident,Only use Lion Recovery Update v1.0 to rebuild your Recovery HD。

Ready to work

Open your terminal,Then enter diskutil list to see if you need to rebuild the Recovery HD

Use the button below to download the Lion Recovery Update v1.0 we need to use it to rebuild the Recovery HD。

[Downlink href=”″]Lion Recovery Update v1.0[/Downlink]

Other,You can see,If the direct use to rebuild,Then youReconstruction is the lion's Recovery HD,If you want to rebuild any version (for example, the latest version) of the Recovery HD,thatYou need the corresponding version of InstallESD.dmg,I am not here to address the,To download the 4.7GB + full package to extract it in show ~

In short,Download the corresponding file into your "Downloads" folder, right,So your convenience below command!

Began to rebuild

Only use Lion Recovery Update v1.0 to rebuild your Recovery HD

Final,View the partition again,Restart holding down the option should be able to see the Recovery HD。

Using the latest InstallESD.dmg to rebuild your Recovery HD

If you choose this option,Then you should be ready to file the corresponding InstallESD.dmg and RecoveryHDUpdate.dmg and put it all on the "download" folder,Then,You need to download the script I had written

[Downlink href=””][/Downlink]

Then use the following command to add to it executable permissions,And run it:

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  1. hello,Also can not install the downloaded RecoveryHDUpdat,You will find four。I do not understand the language of the program can only be copied with
    So as you perform the next tutorial,There are a few minor problems。

    the first. [Downlink href=”″]Lion Recovery Update v1.0[/Downlink]
    This link seems to have Effectiveness
    Find the link under a do not know right。

    Second. Run in terminal 1 to 10,The following message appears after Article
    Donor=disk0s2 Image=/Volumes/Recovery HD Update/BaseSystem.dmg DoVerifyImage=0 DoRepairDonor=0
    ChunkList=/Volumes/Recovery HD Update/BaseSystem.chunklist
    Creating recovery partition: async call initiate
    Creating recovery partition: async call exit success; operation now in progress
    ->-[Local dmAsyncStartedForDisk:]: callback: DADR=0x107515030
    -[Local dmAsyncProgressForDisk:barberPole:percent:]: callback: DADR=0x7fbdfa506d20=disk0s2 pole/pct=0/100.000000
    -[Local dmAsyncFinishedForDisk:mainError:detailError:dictionary:]: callback: DADR=0x7fbdfa506d20=disk0s2 errMain=-69888 errAux=0 infoDict=(null)
    <–[Local dmAsyncFinishedForDisk:mainError:detailError:dictionary:]
    Creating recovery partition: finished
    Error (async): Couldn't unmount disk (-69888)
    Prompt information is not clear,But should a failure Le,Can pointing out where the problem,Thank you

    1. Almost like an address,That page seems to need to see over the wall,I can be downloaded here or normal,Download this is to click there appears。Then you given that I do not know ......,Later, because they can not seem to uninstall the hard disk? You then check to check is the problem is not the path? Note that the path no mistake ah。

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