Watercress FM song list access

Swift recently started learning the,It is like "hello world" as,Each language seems to always have a "write Douban FM" project tutorial😶

In short,I started using this process taught to become familiar with the development process,but,Only yesterday did show playlists and display the song Cover,Today adds playback collapsed flash back!

Ok,Even if the newly added code commented out,Original code can not run correctly。You see,There has been such a universal error:

There is such:

Flash back collapsed and no useful error,This pit death of me

after an hour

Finally,I found out why,Because there is no API for Douban FM,So the song list of channels and get caught coming through,And just today! Yes,It's today! It changed!

In short,Tutorial connection among get down empty json file。。。no way,Reference projects among other languages ​​and tutorials,I finally found a list of usable ...... but only 45 songs,You can not get so much。

If you're like me,I encountered this problem,Then you can get the address of songs into the playlist below:

Other,If you have a new address,Remember to tell me a copy😚

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