Minecraft server set up in Ubuntu and mount Mod

Recently roommate Ubuntu On the run MC,I helped take a moment,However, due to his own packageTo turn over,It may not be a specific process running GM,But the overall environment configuration is quite common。

Prepare the environment

MC is running in the first java Environment,To make it run more smoothly,We still have to be installed on UbuntuOracleThe java environment:


Installed after,You can use this command to verify your java version: java -version

If all things go well,Then you should see this result:

Deployment Server

I'm using here is a roommate before on a Windows server has been equipped with good news,It is no longer a separate download,The server package scp To the vps can extract。

but,To run mc,So may not always start,Command too difficult to remember,We wrote a script to start it easy: we mc.sh

among them,768M is the memory size to a row,See you demand,Since I am here to load a bunch of mod,So I changed it to 2048M,General enough to use the default。

Here Start.jar My server is the main program,You may encounter specific name different from mine,To distinguish between,Last nogui Parameters then the blanket start (after all, the end ah Hey!)

Give permission

Remember to use the command chmod +x mc.sh To give mc.sh Executable permission - otherwise your script may fail to execute。

Installation Mod

It is said to use the Mod,Require special server? In short,You may need to mod developed into a directory,For example, my situation is the same directory on the server Mods Directory,and Forge It may be your home directory .minecraft Directory,To carefully treasure hunt。

The background

Now you are ready to use mc.sh to perform server - but,Since we are on a remote ssh vps,Once the exit,Server will kneel。So,To a way to make it the background,But unfortunately it does not support background mc form of services,Fortunately, we have the artifact --screen

Installation Tools

Use the command apt-get install screen Install Screen

Use the command screen -dmS mc To create a file called mc Window

Then use the command screen -r mc To access this window

This is where you can execute commands inside sh mc.sh To start the server mc,And other server up and running,You can use the key combination to Control + Athen Control + D To hide the window。

To see running in the background of those windows? Use the command screen -ls .。

At this point,All configuration is complete!

Reference Reading

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