Pocketed replaced rss address,Please resubscribe friends!

In order to better manage statistics and blog subscriptions,Off the grid to replace the rss subscription address

due toFlying HandsThis oneDomestic pitIt is people helpless,So back to the route or replace native Feed。

Other,Still full subscription。

Subscription address is


And used as a plug-in to subscribe to blog statistics,This plug-in is calledMy Feed StatsTap to view the article description。

The following is a brief introduction to this widget

This Wordpress plugin statistical Feed subscribers,And can generate similar FeedBurner as bar chart。 There are the following features:

  • FeedBurner can output style chart;
  • Support Online、Offline reader statistics;
  • You can customize a variety of reader identification UserAgent,UserAgent own judgment whether a legitimate reader;
  • You can generate a number of FeedBurner subscribers style pictures。

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