Celestial users struggle after Google service across the board banned

Since the end of May,Google services authority has banned nearly a month,Although later be killed since google.cn,Google's service has been no better than too much - but at least some of the service can still be used - such as calendar、For example, the occasional e-mail、Such as synchronous,Or webmasters popular ad。

But now thoroughly so bad,of course,I had, of course the majority of home technology has no effect,Versatile recount,But those who need to find information to learn Pa study hard but not very familiar with computers may headache - Well,At least people around me generally considered,An academic high-tech,Use search engines within North Korea might as well go to the library themselves open book。

In short,People very helpless。

later,Some people have made various mirror sites Google search,For example, mirroring a short URL to start using sinaapp.co。

of course,The result is this:

Screenshot 2014-06-13 10.16.07 PM

Alas ton output capacity,Big Wall decisive bar foreign access routes to hang sinaapp.com,And Sina Weibo also own blocked URLs for your platform (admirable!)。

So now,There has beenbaidustatic.coSuch short address mirroring。(You say big wall will not put foreign access Baidu is connected to all hang?)

Written in the last # # no fight no freedom

Screenshot 2014-06-13 10.11.34 PM


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