Wordpress theme how to adjust the default font size

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Find style.css file,Edit this paragraph wherein the bottom

among themtitle aHere's edgeheightHome blog can adjust the height of the name,SuchThe name will not get together and dividing linesLa!

...... Updated,The following is the original -

The blog theme is being used off the grid I think we are not familiar hehe

Quite good looking

but,The default font is really little people catch chicken -The word is too smallThe

Yes,Really it is a bit smaller,So routing wanted a way to change the default font is a little。

The method is very simple,You need to clickAppearance - Edit,Thenstyle.css(Typically point to open the default is to edit this file is) to find the following fields

Then changefont-sizeThe field behind it,Now pocketed text font is 14px,Routing is also recommended that you use this size,not bad。

Another problem arises,If you are careful enough,You will find,After changing the title and text of the article on the home page summary did not seem much difference between the size of the,It's ok,Let us find another field:

herefont-sizeIt is the title of the article size,The same route number two here increases,This looks relatively harmonious:)

You learn it?


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