Future of Virtual Reality

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When a person from the real world into the virtual world,Why immersion,What is it based on,It is a virtual world charm,And people are born not resist,Burst out from the virtual game virtual reality,There are more powerful attraction。It lets us into the more unpredictable space,People feel like being one of the happy people shouted authenticity,Especially the game of virtual reality technology,People simply want the blood sprayed sheets。However, for practical applications of the technology most people still know little about,Maybe you think virtual reality is put on a "virtual glasses" to go twice in a virtual environment,However, the function to be worse than you think。

Similar 3D printing,VR (virtual reality) of future applications for the medical industry can not be ignored,Let's imagine,When a disabled person without legs into the virtual reality world,He was found completely healthy people,There are thousands of people like him,No difference。They encourage each other,We have everything love,He will not give up on themselves。In this space he has his own motion,Psychological treatment of these people can not be ignored,In the real world,The doctor, who is also the perfect rehabilitation can offer some thoughts。At present, the game industry to use the example of the treatment of mental disorders,Well-designed virtual reality can improve physical and mental health。

The game is for fun,Consumer mental stress industry,VR virtual game postponed,And from VR to AR (Augmented Reality),Step by step to achieve,Not just stay in the imagination,I believe in the future 10-20 year,There will be mature products appear,

Even lifetime,I personally feel the charm of it all brings。

From the point of view Apple Watch release,Apple is also aware of the future terminal in the form of transfer to a more intelligent way more portable。in the future,Mobile phones will become increasingly central role as the weakening,Will be transferred to other ways such as wrist,It will not keep on going in the phone screen bigger and bigger case,This is why the wrist will be transferred to the little things to use AR。Screen projected into the air,There is no longer any question,And we see in science fiction movies also will remain in the imagination more than,It will bring a revolutionary change for the human and other industries。

Personal imagine the ultimate form called "Beyond Reality",Such as "three-body" novel somatosensory clothing,People have not come out to distinguish the boundaries between reality and the virtual world,Everything will be empathy。

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