iOS 9 IPhone Configuration Surge use Shadowsocks achieve global science Internet

Since the iPhone update iOS 9,Update SDK also updated a number of new API,That we have such a powerful development tool Surge。

It can intercept all the traffic of your iPhone,Including cellular networks and WiFi! and so,Surge Global http proxy support iPhone,https proxy,sock5 Agent。

As usage,I know,You know。In addition to its support for global proxy,You can also set a separate DNS(Use and configure sniproxy no longer dependent APN)Even a remote DNS resolve(DNS and said leaks in vain)

Now,Digital cellular finally be happily scientific online friends! --and many more,You do not have to configure the https proxy? of course,While in principle does not support SS Surge,But through the form of plug-in modules,Or may be implemented in the global run Surge Shadowsocks of。

All right,Next, we are concerned that how to configure Surge


So far,You can still go directly to China region AppStore Direct search and download Surge - ¥ 68 price I think it is very appropriate,After all, developers also need to eat,But also the burden of huge risk:)

For various reasons,The author has the Surge shelves - thisIt means that you can no longer buy into the Surge Surge author now $99 Price shelves Surge,This caused a lot of controversy。but,You will be able to think of clever ways - such as family planning,For example, universal Taobao ......


Surge configuration files are plain text,It can be downloaded directly from the Internet address,You can also import from iTunes,You can also import from iCloud Drive - the same as other common APP。Here we do not discuss in depth,I have so many pieces of method,One is that you will always have the。

Surge Support Policy,So we can implement at home and abroad visit the shunt,You can also achieve some level of routing to advertising by Surge!

To this end I wrote a Python tool,Help you generate a key configuration file:

Download or clone the repository to the local,run This document,It will configFileHere The latest generation of this directory whitelists and blacklists configuration,then,You need to edit it to add your server information:

Divides[Proxy]and[Proxy Group],These two are the corresponding,If you do not write the proxy group proxy configuration name,Your Surge proxy switching option will not appear。Depending on your needs,The pre-information to get rid of a few agents,For example, the address written on the server your-server-here Here,If your server is insufficient information four,Then you should delete the extra。I recommend that you keep the option Direct,So you do not need to shut Surge in some cases to jump straight up (although some time is still needed)。

Finally the edited gfwlist.conf or whitelist.confProfile Import Surge,You will receive in the open when the agent suggested that the need to download the custom module,This module is the default address my warehouse backup,So difficult if the network access to your Git,Then you may not be able to download this module - it does not matter,Edit Configuration,In the lowermost configuration page,Click Text mode editing Push button,And then found in the configuration file in plain text similar Statements,Replace it To - this is my blog backup。


If you're too lazy to generate their own configuration,Then you can also directly gfwlist.conf or whitelist.conf Used to use,Just need to modify the configuration information under the corresponding SS - I want to beat you this - after all the above has been said very clearly。


Such,You can swim real Internet friends! usually,Surge Will automatically reconnect after you light up the screen and switching network,Although VPN lamp is lit,But not VPN Ha ~

About Profiles

This configuration file,Blacklist version will automatically be generated to acquire gfwlist,Whitelist version will be prepared to use my whitelist version。In short,This script can be automatically updated blacklists and go to ad list,If you can not get a network problem,It also uses the last update cache files left behind to continue to generate complete configuration files:)

Agent Group

The new version of SurgeWith the support of the sub-configuration,Proxy support group configuration,So we can write more than one server configuration information in the same profile,Real-time and then switch Surge Runtime,Thus one can avoid switching back and forth to avoid Surge jump on the other hand is also convenient to write configuration。but,One thing is because of server configurations are written in the same configuration file,Then you have to pay attention to the next update profile,You have to take your backup server information,Otherwise you have to manually modify it again。

Further reading

Configuration Warehouse Builder: ss.conf-for-surge

Anti-advertising strategy:

Principle and Implementation Surge原理与实现-8aa3304fb3bb#.rxxqwfdwh

Surge official manual (English)

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  1. suger really good use,But for most users, suger it is too expensive。 Recommended shadowrocket ,With Elsevier pp assistant or assistant can install free。
    Airports words,Recommend this small airport free speed is not bad,Of course, after the donation faster speed。

  2. Surge profile node information, there are a ss module address (you gave is but I always wanted to do not understand what this module in the end is? What use is it? It previous node specific information (including the address、Encryption, etc.) in the end What is the relationship? Whether a module addresses a valid ss can play a role in the arbitrary node? I have tried this module directly downloaded directly to a computer under study,But I did not see what they were。I did not get to know this question,I Google for a long time,But almost all of its tutorials are alluded。I think I ss deployed on the server-side service,But I do not know how to deploy this module,I do not even know what it is。Mr. owners can also look for my doubts,Many thanks。

    1. This thing right,It is written by the author of a plug-in surge ...... but is actually a function of the switch ss,You just have like a。Ss In fact, the real function of the program is still in。You want to deploy server,Remember to use the original agreement ss,Common encryption can row。
      If you want to deploy ssr,Remember to turn on Compatibility Mode。

  3. Hello there,Will the configuration in ChinaProxy,Proxy,@Auto What does it mean? After so many options for configuring some ignorant…

    1. chinaproxy should default to direct connection,All domestic judgment would go this route,The reason why independent design a line out option is necessary to put it when you can also choose to go Agent,This will become a "global proxy";
      proxy is determined to go all the agents of foreign websites,If you do not select agent,Then these sites in China are likely to be very slow, or not open the;
      auto is an auto speed option,You choose the proxy to auto,Then the surge will automatically speed auto in the line and automatically switch to the faster route。

        1. Select auto,It is to let the surge automatically select the optimal line speed,If you do not choose auto,So speed is only the result of auto reference value,Does not affect the configuration of your。 chinaproxyDomestic routes is to take time to how to go,If you choose direct that domestic direct,If you choose a line,It is to take a line,If you choose auto,So let the surge is determined automatically Line。

          1. understood,thank! Saying these rules where there is a statement you? The author's blog? Very curious to know how the landlord,Ha ha ha

          2. instructions for use in surge,I want casual search online。Then I gave it added a little work to achieve a surge in disguise "global" proxy。of course,Vpn to or less than the global ha。

  4. Bloggers,Hello there,I ask how Surge add whitelist,zimuzu#tv,Replaced,Like this station,Open particularly slow,Off particularly fast,I would like to add the whitelist,But do not know where to add

  5. Bloggers,Hello there,You can teach the next how to add white list Surge, too?,This station,If you open quickly closed Surge,Will not open,

  6. Bloggers,Found a problem,ios 10.2,Share photos directly from the photo to the micro-channel,Particularly slow,No more than a minute to send a success,Disconnect Surge quickly,I do not know where the problem!

      1. Penguin was kidnapped,If not, the people around them with a micro-channel QQ,I do not want to use,I installed a micro-channel,Just found this question,Zhang Xiaolong not mean to internationalization Well,I would like to verify a thing,Paul micro-channel in the end user does not save chat history? ? See WeChat say save yourself,But I do not believe

        This blog really quite good,Unfortunately, I will not take,Or really want to get a

  7. We recommended to download this blogger,,This configuration blogger,Google Street View is no problem,Others tried,The best bloggers,Novice to use the phone to download it in the interface Surge,Then on your phone you can edit the server configuration,All four will be able to fill,My computer seems a bit out of the question,The phone out of the success of the,Thanks again for bloggers!

  8. Hello bloggers,I say under my steps,Success did not get up one morning,Click the button in the upper left corner Surge,Then click on the "down configuration from URL",enter:,Then you can see the configuration "ss.conf-for-surge",Then I go back and select Start an error,出现《Edit in Text Mode》,I click into my edit server information,But not,Or an error:configuration must start with section header.

    Bloggers seek help,Thank you!

    1. Download or clone the repository to the local,Run this file,"" There is no "your-server-here" field,ServerConfig.txt does have

      1. thank you very much,32Thumbs up,I toss in a day,But finally go up,Use this:http://a—.-n / Appsocks_Plus.conf (Master Edit,This link requires owners should,Hidden off the domain name。Note:Link already ineffective。)
        Fixed 1.2.6 does not show vpn icon at ios10 bug,You can go to the video ad,It eliminates the need for a global watch netflix。

        Use Google Maps on your phone + Problems Surge watching the street does not show also solved,On Yachen liu Twitter has said,Address here:

        Now you can get this phone,I was a novice,Consequently will not,You can turn on your computer,google search for a day

        Thank you very much,World you have more exciting!

          1. Google Street View problems Wingy see the group's Telegram,Several people said that this situation,But I know how to solve,To add a rule on it,Thanks dear bloggers!

      2. Some people may also come back here,I would describe my case again,Phone is 6S,ios 10.0,No jailbreak,Loaded Surge 1.2.6 File size 6055kb,On a computer installed with the Sync Assistant,A successful,Other aides loaded up useless,PP assistant repair flash back success still useless,Open Surge let a landing iTunes store,Basically the situation is this,When message here,Verify math below please fill in Arabic numerals,Fill Chinese useless,Once again, thank blogger,Thank you everyone!

  9. Bloggers Technology Great God! ! There is a question to ask。
    Description says "this profile,Blacklist version will automatically be generated to acquire gfwlist ",But as far as I understand if only generate updated files?
    Surge placed inside gfwlist_ss.conf there a way to automatically update?

    1. Your understanding is correct,In fact, I mean this file will automatically update the blacklist to acquire gfwlist,In short you do not own the generated document is to update the:)

        1. Surge now supports sub-configuration,Write a lot of calls from the main configuration can be configured ~~~ so long as each update to update the master configuration,Server configurations are stored in the child need to change the configuration inside。

          1. I always wanted to know。surge in the middle of the server configuration and how to configure separate rules。But it seems there is no related information found。You're right it is such a meaning。

  10. Bloggers,I also useful for Surge,Found at Telecom 4G,FB and not on T,G + can browse,I do not know what for,Is there a similar situation?
    White-list,I have tried all kinds of blacklist。
    See Surge recently requested,Access is seemingly,Application of the rule is FINAL –> Proxy。

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